I feel very slow right now.

So I turned twenty one recently. However, being a conscientious student, I did not go on a hedonistic binge. Instead, I did the opposite. I went around the campus with the 8x10 camera.

Now in my previous blog post, I showed you my 8x10 camera. It is a regal pain to use on the best of days. It takes at least an hour to focus, compose, and set up an image, and then on a bright day, the exposure can go up to two minutes in the shade. I like to think of it as exposing my negatives at the speed of a geriatric snail. But the advantages of such a camera are many. And I am actually doing an independent study on taking pictures with it.

I don't want to bother you with me gushing on about how beautiful I think the camera is or how smart I am for using a camera that is 100 years old, with a technology that is 150 years old, on a style of photography so masochistic that even its own practitioners make wry jokes about it. I will just show you a picture and you can judge for yourself (The photo above is of a Beta Chi Sculpture).

-Rahul Sharma

Rahul is a junior art major from Jammu, India.