Weather I've Been Waiting For

Today, I walked out of Hayman to get some lunch, and saw that the sidewalk was wet like it usually is when the sprinklers have just been on. Because of all the recent smoke, I didn’t think twice about the gray sky. But I noticed something was different about today. Unlike when the sprinklers are on, EVERYTHING was wet: Real. Life. Rain. Wet grass, and the unmistakable fragrance of the first rain in a long time.

I can’t even explain how much it made my day. I probably would have looked crazy to anyone walking by, because I was smiling like a complete idiot walking across campus in the rain. Everyone else was inside though, so I think it was fine.

I really, really, really love rain. When it rains, I feel at home, especially now that school has started. Usually by the time I’m highlighting, writing in my planner, and my fingers are pattering over my calculator, it’s drizzly, or dreary, or at the very least crisp outside. Not the case. It has been a long, rainless month since I’ve been here. Except for the last two days, it has been a summery, green, blue and sunshiney 80+ degrees on a daily basis. The fact that I’ve gotten any non-summer activities done--like reading, or blogging, or homework, or spending time inside--in spite of this contrast to my normal thinking environment gives me confidence in my adaptability, and doubt in the logic by which I arrived at the conclusion that I shouldn’t just move to Hawaii.

But today, everything just feels right. It’s raining. It’s September, so I mean, it’s really about time. I don’t have that much homework left to do, but I’m sure I’ll get it all done with so much more focus and efficiency than normal. I'll probably have time to call all the people I know who live in California and Utah and brag to them about the rain (and catch up on their lives). 

No matter how you slice it, today is a great day.

--Claire Cushing

Claire is a freshman pre-engineering major from Sandy, Oregon.