Don't Sweat the Petty Things, and Don't Pet the Sweaty Things

We all know the feeling (at least I hope I'm not the only one).  We all know the feeling one gets when one thing is suddenly sending the world off its axis.  Days happen when we put our shoes on before our pants.  Days happen when we sleep through four alarms.  Days happen when we nod off in every single class.  These. Days. Just. Happen.

But, if college has taught me anything, it is how to manage my stress. Whether your stress is built upon your class load, your busy extra-curricular schedule, the negative balance in your checking account, your relationship with your roommate, homesickness, etc., the feeling is the same.  Things can pile up until the smallest bump in the road sends you into a tizzy...unlesssssssss I'm the only which case, this just got awkward.

My tips on stress management

To be used at your own disgression...

  1.  You need sleep; I understand that late-nights (and all nighters) are pretty much inevitable sometimes, but trust me...staying up all night to study will NOT help you on an exam.
  2.  If you dooooooo need to stay up late to finish that essay, Dutch Bros is your best friend.
  3. When your schedule feels like it is bursting at the seams and there is NO way you can get it all done; give yourself a time out.  You need to make "you" time; in the long run, it will help you stay productive.  I like to take this time to work-out.
  4. To-do lists are no joke; make a list of all the things you need to get done, putting the one thing you really DON'T want to do at the very top.  Chances are, if you want to put it off, you need it done soonest.
  5. Having a hard time in class?  Don't panic; your professor is there to help you.  Come in during their office hours and ask for help.  They WANT you to learn.  You are paying for this education, so you might as well get all you can out of it. 
  6. Feeling down?  Maybe you're homesick?  Go make friends.  Join on campus clubs, get to know people within your major's department, go out with people on your floor--whatever it takes--to surround yourself with people.  The most important thing when you start feeling like this is to NOT shut yourself in your room.  You have an entire campus full of resources.  Remember that a lot of your peers are probably going through the same thing.  Joining Gamma Phi and getting more involved within the theatre department have been tremendously helpful for me in that regard. 
  7. Also, remember that your RA (as well as First Year Mentor, if you are a freshman) is there to help you with WHATEVER you might be getting bogged down by. 
  8. Panicking because you realize that your homework requires on-campus computers, but the library is closed?  McCain's digital studio is open 24/7 and has a printer (with color ink available).  You're welcome.
  9. You are worried about holding your scholarship because you dropped a point or two below the required GPA; don't panic.  The school wants you here, so they aren't going to just kick you out.  You will get the chance to improve your GPA. 
  10. Always remember: the world will keep turning no matter what happens.  Put things in perspective.  It is very important to step back from a situation and imagine how you will feel about it a week from now; will you even remember how stressed out you were?

- Mariah Mae

Mariah is a sophomore theatre and nursing major and psychology and biology minor from Cataldo, Idaho.