London in My Dorm Room

This gigantic map is the latest addition to my dorm room.  But I didn’t cram it in over my bed just for kicks—it’s part of a class that I’m taking in preparation for a trip to London this January.

The class is officially titled “IND-307.1 London: Art/History/Literature.” It has 14 students (13 of whom are female), three professors, and one faculty member who’s surveying the course in preparation for his own trip to the UK.

We’re spending the fall getting up to speed with London as it appears in literature—think Mrs. Dalloway and Bleak House. On the art side, we’re getting a crash course in the fine art of observation, and we’re each keeping a sketchbook that will later accompany us across the pond. The history part comes later—the professor who teaches that particular section of the course is on sabbatical in England right now. We are also, as my giant map indicates, trying to become familiar with modern London. I’m supposed to spend the next three months personalizing this map with things I find interesting, and by marking places I want to go or think are important.

In other London class news, I’m exactly one half of the way through Bleak House, a novel about Victorian London by Charles Dickens. That means I only have another 385 pages to go.

 -Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore international political economy major from Boise, Idaho.