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Music Takes Me Places

I've lost count of how many times I've been mistaken for a music major because of how much time I devote to the various choirs found on campus. I suppose I can't blame them, seeing as I'm literally in every single choir the college offers, measuring out to at least one hour of rehearsals every Monday through Friday. That's a lot of free time to anything, let alone something completely outside your major. In fact, I'm not even a music minor under the PEAK program, which surprises people even more. In fact, i have music major friends that swear they have me in their classes just because of all the time I spend working on choir pieces.

While I may not be academically involved in music, and my degree will have nothing to do with music at all, I'm still a music lover. I firmly believe that without choir, I would have gone completely crazy by now. Singing gives me a rush that nothing else ever can--it makes me feel connected to the world around me in ways my other hobbies can't. It makes me feel important, involved in something larger than myself, something universal. Making music calms me. It makes me happy. I can't imagine any other way I'd rather spend all those hours.

And hey, being able to go on fun trips with the rest of the choir kids is always something to look forward to!

Most recently, C of I's Chamber Singers spent the day in Ketchum, ID, performing at the American Choral Directors Association's northwest regional conference. We had been invited months ago to sing during their concert hour, which we all were really excited about. As Dr. Wells (our genius director) told us, "No one appreciates choral music more than these guys." It's one thing to sing for crowds of adoring parents or vaguely interested students--it's another thing entirely to sing for people who make the art of choral direction their life's work. I'd rank this performance as one of the most important I've ever been a part of, and luckily it couldn't have gone better.

Sure, it took about half an hour to finally get on the road, and another three and a half hours spent in a crowded van to actually make our destination, but our 20 minute set made it all worth it. Our performance at the Presbyterian Chapel of Big Wood was about as perfect as it could have been under the circumstances, considering we've only been practicing since the start of September. But we received a great ovation and numerous complements on our sound, which is always very much appreciated.

We'll be performing again on October 19th on C of I's should come. It'll be fun. You'll get to hear a bunch of songs by American composers. I might even try rapping for you after the set.

-Clayton Gefre

Clayton is a sophomore creative writing major from Meridian, Idaho.