I have been busy

What can I say. The time since I have last posted has been hectic. Academics, farming, art and work collectively have given me almost no leisure time. Except, art and most of work is leisure time for me. I am lucky in that respect.

I have been shooting interviews of professors so that the marketing department can make a video on what it means to be involved with PEAK in terms of academics. That stuff is currently in the editing room, being edited. (I don't get editors most of the time. They are strange people).

I have also been working with my large format camera. Remember the big scary looking bugger that I posted photos of? I am finally in the thick of things. I end up spending pretty much every other night in the Archives in Sterry Hall, under a black plastic cloth thingy, focusing and composing pictures. It is a strange feeling to take 4 hours to set up a photo that takes 20 seconds to shoot.

Art is also going in interesting directions, with me working on two simultaneous ceramics projicts. Half of me still debates why I didn't go to art school, but then the other half tells me that if I was there, I could never possibly have met such wonderful professors, and had such wonderful classes. Everything ranging from Postcolonial Literature, with Prof. Islam, to Anthropology and Art, whith Prof. Seibold, to Contemprory Mathematics with Prof. Guild, all these classes have helped me in my major by bringing in outside influences in my art. And my artwork has been better for it.

Because I really didn't say a lot, and because I am between classes typing this out, here is a peace offering. A 8x10 panorama I did of our soccer field today. As I type this, the prints have finally finished processing. The process involved me carring roughly 30 pounds of gear across campus, and spending an hour setting up the camera. Then half an hour in the darkroom and half an hour in the digital studio. The final prints are 5x16. See the full panorama at[email protected]/8091386146/.


-Rahul Sharma

Rahul is a junior art major from Jammu, India.