Our PEAK Curriculum

Discover Your Passions

Our PEAK curriculum enables students to pursue individual interests and ensure their versatility

PEAK is our name for the highly distinctive, undergraduate curriculum at The College of Idaho that allows students to graduate with an academic major and three minors in four years. PEAK challenges students to attain literacy in each of four academic areas, or "peaks" - the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and a professional field.

What does PEAK stand for?

PEAK is an acronym that stands for professional, ethical, articulate, and knowledgeable - the qualities we seek to instill in students by creating a focused program of study in four, broad academic areas.

What is different about PEAK?

PEAK combines a liberal arts education with specialization in multiple fields. We believe students who concentrate studies in one area alone limit their adaptability beyond graduation. College students today need to explore, discover, and develop many areas of interest. PEAK expands academic opportunities for students and frees them from the curricular restrictions common at other colleges and universities.

How does PEAK work?

PEAK eliminates the aimless "cafeteria" approach to a core curriculum in which students simply check off requirements. PEAK empowers students to make their own choices about which courses to take, but within a structure that encourages literacy in a particular field. We offer 26 major programs of academic study and 57 minors. Students work closely with their advisors to declare an area of interest and then design a program of study that builds a specialized knowledge base in each of the four academic peaks.

Why is PEAK better?

PEAK allows students to design their own curriculum within a structure that gives both breadth and depth to their education. When students graduate with a major and three minors in four years, they have the knowledge and adaptability to compete in a constantly changing world.

We believe a liberal arts education is the best preparation for life. We also know our students must be prepared for any endeavor when they finish college, whether it's graduate school or immediate employment in the workforce. The PEAK curriculum at The College of Idaho prepares students regardless of the path they choose.

Who is the PEAK Guide for?

The PEAK Guide is intended to be used by College of Idaho students, in conjunction with the Catalog and Course Schedule and in collaboration with faculty advisors, to develop individualized academic plans. The Guide does not substitute for the Catalog, which serves as the official record the curriculum, nor does it substitute for discussions with faculty and other trusted advisors, but it does provide background information on all of the College's major and minor programs and useful advice for the implementation of academic plans.