Being jobless doesn't mean being jobless

So the break has been a relief. After plowing through more then a hundred books in three months, on topics ranging from rascism in ethnographic imagery to the role of the metropolis as a tool for crosscultural alienation, I was starved for simpler pleasures.

So I had a few projects I had set up for the break. 

I took care of the chickens and took down the greenhouse I had constructed. As with most DIY things, the greenhouse worked, but was a eyesore. But, you learn with each passing movement.

I have always been a fan of good German-style beer. India has a drinking age of 18, and so after a few dry years stateside, I turned 21. So I started a batch of doppelbock, which finished yesterday. It tasted divine. The only reason I could do that was because of classes I took on ethno-botany here at the College. Learning about traditional eating habits of different cultures gave me a huge insight into various processes involved in preparation of food and drink. Something I am using now that I have a slow cooker. Homecooked chuck roast with homemade lager is a pleasure that everyone needs to sample.

I have also been working on finishing up a monograph I have been writing on large format photography. The College had a photography programme that was curtailed due to lack of interest, but still has a darkroom, So I invaded it, and made it my own. Now I am pretty much writing a short manual for others who want to be crackpot photographers at the College.

It has been a fine break, and finally, we got some snow. So I went out at 5 am today to shoot some sights of the College. Here is a panorama of the view from N.L. Tertling Library, showing Sterry Hall, the Library, and parts of Hayman Hall.

I hope y'all have a happy new year. 

Till then,

Vaya con Dios.

- Rahul Sharma

Rahul is a junior art major from Jammu, India.