May we be seekers

I’ve had a lot of conversations about winter with my friends over the last few days. Monday was the first day of the winter session, and as I’m writing this, snow continues to fall. One of the things that I’ve grown to appreciate the most about our campus is how much it reflects the seasons. Granted, I’m from Boise and I’ve dealt with snow since infancy, but I don’t think I’d be able to deal with the perpetual summer that some colleges enjoy. Caldwell (and The College) is firmly bound to the mountainous climate of Idaho.

For me, Winter Term has the most powerful quality of setting my feet before spring. The classes that are offered during the 4-week term are rigorous and quick-paced, but they offer something unique. With the focused nature of the term, students are usually only able to take one or two classes. For this reason, most professors offer special courses or topics that they enjoy teaching. For the students, it often represents a chance to step outside their usual scholastic areas. This year I'm taking Forensic Chemistry. A chem class is fairly far-flung from my normal academic pastures, but I enjoy these 4-week stretches where I temporarily inhabit Boone Hall as opposed to Sterry.

Taking a class where I’m relegated to novice status is an important reminder of the importance of being open and adaptive. Each term, I’ve had professors that I’d never taken classes from before. In the same way one has to deal with winter’s cold, you have to remember to slow down, and be deliberate in your actions. At the same time, winter also offers visions of striking clarity and beauty.

Although brief, winter terms have always been a great reminder of how it feels to be a beginner. I feel like no matter how your skills grow, or how much your confidence increases it’s important to keep an initiate’s perspective. I keep a lot of quotes in my journal, but this common adage is one I often pass over this time of year: “Follow those who seek the truth; be wary of those who say they’ve found it.”

Here’s to you, Winter term: may you always remind us to be seekers.

- Andrew Moore

Andrew is a senior Psychology student from Boise, Idaho.