Happy New Year: J-Term, Ahoy!

Winter term at The College of Idaho is a wonderful and terrible thing.  Wonderful because the classes are fun and the load is light.  Terrible because winter is my arch nemesis.  So, I cope by indulging in warm cups of goodness, slippers, and fuzzy throw blankets to ward off the coldness that I call "January"...thus far, an effective strategy until I need to walk to class or leave the apartment to forage for food.  I have a theory that bears are more evolutionarily advanced than humans because we still have not adapted the ability to hibernate.  

The wonderful part of winter term, sometimes referred to as "January Term" or "J-Term", is the classes.  Since this term is only one month long, it is much more condensed and consists of a smaller credit load, requiring one to only take one or two classes, which you attend more often than you would in a typical semester.  This January I am only enrolled in one class, which is called Psychology & The Movies.  I attend it Monday thru Thursday, 10:55 a.m. to 1:10 p.m., and it is amazing.  I have the class with one of my roommates, so it is fun to discuss class with her afterward.  What we do every day is watch movies, and our homework consists of review writing, along with reading about film and psychology.  It is very interesting and I look forward to the rest of the class.  I missed the first day, due to a small setback involving a missed flight because I was riddled with the flu the day before classes were to begin.  The second day of class, however, I was back on my feet in time to watch and discuss an episode of NCIS in class.  BEST THING, EVER, RIGHT!?  I purposefully scheduled winter term so that I never have to leave my apartment before 10:50 a.m. (because morning is the super villain above all others; winter is the morning's sidekick), so I am rather pleased with the way this month is turning out for me, despite the coldness that lurks outside my door.  

Happy new year!  I hope that you enjoy January as much as I am.  And remember to always keep warm cups of goodness, slippers, and fuzzy throw blankets at hand at all times.  

Over and out,
Mariah M Schlepp

Mariah is a 19 year old sophomore Theatre major, pursuing minors in Speech Rhetoric, Biology, and Psychology. She is from Cataldo, ID.