Quality Time in the Pub

Yesterday was a jam-packed day, and not necessarily in the sense of school work. Sure, there were about ten school related items on my to-do list, but sometimes the rest of college life beckons and I’ve got to answer.

Yesterday that meant cramming Wuthering Heights, a French textbook, one binder, a laptop, and my economic development text back into my bag and leaving the library for greener pastures at five. The school brought in Miles Washburn, a professional speaker, to give a presentation titled “Breaking Bad Habits and Bad Traditions” specifically for the Greeks on campus. This presentation was in the McCain Pub, and as it was finishing up, Afro Club was getting ready to take over the space for a campus dinner. So I stuck around and had a dinner comprised of samples of African dishes. I wish I could say that I knew what I ate, but all I know is that it was tasty.

At 8:30, it was back to the Pub for Open Mic night, which was themed “Thrift Shop.” Open mic nights are exactly what they sound like—an opportunity for C of I students to get on stage and put up. Normally, open mic nights are a little hit and miss and tend to peter out at the hour mark. This one went strong for an hour and a half without a bad act.

There was a nice mix of legitimate, well-rehearsed guitar sets, and impromptu readings and songs.  For the first time that I’ve been at C of I, there was a standup comedy act, a dramatic reading from “Animorphs ,“ complete with an accompanying interpretive dance, and a presidential impersonation . Among the more refined acts were raps by Caleb Tracey and two original songs by Marcus Roberts.

SUB committee, which puts on open mic nights, had put together raffle prizes from thrift shops, and gave away things like ugly sweaters, a “90’s basket” complete with Goosebumps VHS, and a few ridiculous books. One such book inspired the most entertaining act of the night, which was an impromptu dramatic reading from the romance novel Crystal Rapture by an individual whose voice sounds like it belongs on movie trailer. Crystal Rapture happened to be one of the raffle prizes, and was claimed only after the dramatic reader signed the inside cover.

The night wrapped up with beat boxing by freshman Anel Bueno and the raffle of the grand prize—a fur coat a la Macklemore, the artists behind the night’s namesake.

This is a video my friend Diana Gomez put together—she’s a member of SUB committee and wanted everyone to know what they missed last night.

From the Library,

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.