PEAK planning

I’ve spent a good part of my weekend working on my PEAK map. I already know I want to be a Math/Physics major, with a Dual-Degree Engineering minor. My other two minors are a little bit problematic. I’m having a hard time deciding between all of my options. I’m looking at Interactive Journalism, Psychology, Spanish Foundations, Anthropology/Sociology, and Computer Science and am honestly wishing that I could just do them all. Obviously, that is not very practical. I guess I should have spent a little bit more time in high school seriously considering what I wanted to do with my life. I guess that I never realized how many options I had, plus actual adulthood always seemed so far away that I would never actually end up there. It still seems a looooong ways away, but I have to plan for it nonetheless.

I’ve skyped my dad and my sister, looking for advice, though mostly I’ve been perusing the PEAK catalog, making lists of requirements, classes I’d like to take, and other random notes on a half dozen scraps of paper. Throughout this process, I’ve consumed about a third of a bag of chocolate chips and nearly 3 liters of water. For anyone who knows me, that is a sign of how much this is stressing me out. I’m on the verge of rolling out some butcher paper and making a comprehensive pro-con flow-chart the size of my bed.

 It’s not that I think that there is a way that I can go wrong with any of the options I have. I know that I’ll still have time to change my mind later. I’m just an unreasonably indecisive person.

Anyone who’s shopped with me knows that I can take twenty minutes just to buy shampoo. 

I have absolutely no problem being committing to things; I just hate the opportunity cost involved in decision-making. I listened to a TED talk recently that does a very good job of describing how I feel about my life today:

--Claire Cushing

Claire is a freshman pre-engineering major from Sandy, Oregon.