On Compliments

Unicorns love compliments too.

You are exactly the person I hoped would read this, because I know that you have a fantastic repertoire of dance moves. And are a great listener with an even better sense of humor. Plus your hair looks fantastic today. 

Even if those compliments seem generic, they are true, and hopefully they reminded you that you love compliments. Everyone does.

I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the C of I Compliments page, which provides our campus community with genuine compliments. It is like a little island of happiness in the sometimes cynical, often-pointless, and always distracting lump of information that is the internet. It's nice to hear other people being nice to each other, even if you don't know the person they're talking about. It definitely makes me feel like there are people I need to be meeting and immediately becoming best friends with. It also reminds me that I know some pretty fantastic people. Not that that's something I actually forget. PLUS it barely even counts as procrastinating if I'm on Facebook reading about how much people love each other instead of doing homework-- I mean, that's still being constructive. So to whomever created the page: thank you!

For anyone who wants to join in on the love:

- Claire Cushing

Claire is a freshman pre-engineering major from Sandy, Oregon.