Spring Break: Pets, Sushi, Paris Pastries, and Guns

It’s the Monday after Spring Break, but campus is warm and beautiful and it’s good to be back. I’m in my room in Anderson right now, and outside next year’s Sustainability Stewards are getting the garden ready for planting. But even though I’m happy to be back on a green campus and there’s a stack of reading with my name on it, I want to take one last look back at Spring Break. Here’s what I occupied my week with: 

Trixie, Westley, and Tor: These are my dog and two cats. My parents took a trip to Sin City for the first part of the week, so I stayed and kept the pets company. There was a lot of sleeping, playing fetch, and going on walks with Trixie.

New York (Canal): Trixie and I took daily walks around the neighborhood, which entails going over the New York canal. On Sunday, we went for a walk and the canal was empty, but the next day it had been filled up again.

Dollar Sushi: My friend Ayla was back from Pocatello on her spring break, so she and another friend took me on my first outing to Dollar Sushi. Dollar Sushi is the happy hour special at Shige’s Express in Boise, and surprisingly enough constituted my first try at eating something more exotic than a California roll. I don’t know exactly what I grabbed off the sushi bearing boats as they floated by, but I know I liked it.

Flower Power: My grandmother’s birthday was on Thursday, so my mom and I went over to Nampa with presents and birthday tart. But first we had to pick up the present from Edwards Greenhouse, where everything was in bloom.

Vale, Or and Guns: On Friday, my dad and I went over to Vale, Or. It’s a little town less than an hour from Caldwell, and is where my other grandparents live. We went shooting in a farming field behind their house with my uncle.  It was my second time shooting, and I’m happy to say that I successfully blew up an egg 50 meters away, and hit the 400 meter target.

Paris Treats: Janjou, a fancy French patisserie recently opened in Boise, so my mom and I went for treats. We both got the “Lola,” which was shortbread with strawberries, cream, and pistachios.    

From Anderson, 

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.