Prank War

Between Bowling Night, Elections, a math test, absolutely gorgeous weather, and a track meet, the first week back from Spring Break has been kind of a whirlwind. Between all of that, though, was my second favorite holiday of the year (trumphed only by Thanksgiving): April Fool's Day. 

The girls on my floor and I had formed an alliance for this day several months ago, and when it rolled around, we were well prepared. To kick off what has escalated into a full-fledged prank war against the boys, we started with some classics: Saran Wrapping the toilets, rigging the faucets, Vaseline on door handles. They retaliated by Saran Wrapping our door, a good move. We one-upped them by using their own Saran Wrap to Saran Wrap two of their beds together, with all of their scissors and other sharp objects wrapped up under the plastic. We moved two of their mattresses to the basement (one of them we had to carry across campus from Simplot), and wrapped up the iPhone they left in their room with about an inch of Saran Wrap around it with alarms set for various times in the wee hours of the morning. We sent pictures of where they could find their mattresses to that phone. We are currently awaiting their move, so that our next master plan can be launched. 

We did lay down some ground rules before we started, which is essential to any respectful prank war: there can be absolutely no property or bodily damage, and the prank war should end with the month of April. 

For anyone who is planning a prank, here are some guidelines:

1. Know your target. If you do, almost any prank will be successful. Also remember that you are not playing pranks on the janitor--that's not even funny, it's just rude, and you never know when they could help you. Knowing the person you are trying to prank allows you select something that will be effective, but well-received. On the same note, do your best to minimize collateral damage (i.e. roommates, neighbors, innocent bystanders, etc.) as the more people you involve in the prank, the more likely it is that someone will be upset (plus then you have more people trying to get you back). 

2. A good prank isn't mean-spirited. Most good pranks cause an inconvenience. Sometimes they can be startling, but you have to be really careful if you are going to do something that will scare someone--this is why knowing your target is the absolute most important thing in a good prank--they have to think it's funny. A prank  should never, ever be mean or embarassing. Pranks are jokes, and jokes are meant to be light-hearted. If everyone isn't going to get a laugh out of it, it's probably a horrible idea and a good way to lose some friends in a hurry. It is possible to play a prank that is both hilarious, and makes someone's day better--shoot for that. 

3.Keep it simple. Elaborate plans involve too many variables, and chances are, the prank will fall apart. 

4.Be careful who you trust. There are a lot of double agents out there. 

Although pranks are admittedly quite childish, I think that a well-executed prank shows that someone is creative and takes pride in their work, but doesn't take themselves too seriously, which I think is something to be respected. 

- Claire Cushing

Claire is a freshman pre-engineering major from Sandy, Oregon.