Hunting For Eggs On Campus

Easter may have been last Sunday, but that didn’t stop SUB (Student Union Building) Committee from hiding 480 eggs around campus. And the eggs really were all over campus. I found mine by the shrubs around Sterry, nestled behind KAIC, and in the dirt by Covell. That last egg had a few ants in it. All my other eggs had candy too, except for one that had a slip saying I’d won No Country For Old Men. Other prizes were a $50 gift certificate, headphones, other movies, a hammock and an inflatable chair. My RA Hillary won the inflatable chair and Pride and Prejudice.

It was a little bit wet today, so when it started sprinkling I called it quits with the egg hunting and headed back to McCain to pick up my prize. SUB Committee had four types of deviled eggs, cupcakes, and sugar cookies for us there, so I had a cupcake with butterfly sprinkles to complete the belated Easter experience.

From Anderson (with lots of Easter candy),

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.