Sesqui-Speaks and CEL

Friday night found me in downtown Boise at the city-sponsored Sesqui-shop.  “Sesqui” is short for Sesquicentennial, and I’m thankful to the City of Boise for abbreviating that mouthful of a word. This year marks Boise’s 150th anniversary, and Boise’s Arts and History Department is putting on a year long party, with parts of it held in the Sesqui-shop. One such part of the Boise 150 party was appointing Boise’s first poet laureate, Diane Raptosh, who happens to be a C of I professor.

Friday night’s Sesqui-shop event was a poetry reading that included Professor Raptosh, and three other Boise poets, one of whom is also an adjunct prof at the College. I tagged along to the reading with Professor Raptosh’s summer student research assistant/intern. Upon arrival, we also ran into Ricardo and Anthony—recent C of I grads who’ve stuck around and are working for the Arts and History department. I actually met Ricardo a few years ago, when he was interning with the Arts and History Department and I was a youth commissioner on the Arts and History Board. So I guess Ricardo is living proof that doing a good job with your internship can turn it into a post-graduation job.

Internships and jobs are something that has been on my mind as summer rapidly approaches. More accurately, my lack of definite summer employment plans has been stressing me out. Most people at C of I are probably past this stress, but only because they were more diligent than myself and had their stress-outs in February.  But I’m behind, and every week “job/internships” gets written down on my to-do list.  I applied for a few things earlier this semester, and before I sent anything in, I took my resume and cover letter to Dora Gallegos in the CEL office (Center for Experiential Learning) for a look-over. I didn’t get those jobs, but passing my resume and cover letter by Dora sure whipped them into better shape.  And that’s what CEL is for—kicking application materials into good order and helping you find opportunities.  With any luck, in the next year or so I’ll get to take advantage of the second part of what CEL offers, which is arranging for credits after you’ve scored an internship. But until then, I’ll be keeping up my search and living in jealousy of Ricardo.

 From Anderson,

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.

This picture is from inside the Sesqui-shop, which has changing displays throughout the year. It currently holds items from historical buildings and photos of historical locations and their current state.