"Everyone Is Gay"

There are more events on campus than I can keep up with, but tonight I went to one that was particularly good: a presentation done by two women who like being called Lipsynching Oprah (Kristin) and her sidekick, Ellen (Gabrielle).

Their organization, Everyone is Gay, is an advice and resources website for members of the LGBQT community. Kristin and Gabrielle delivered a very funny, accessible, and relevant presentation about issues facing all people, including LBGQT rights, women's rights, and human rights.

They talked about how real of an issue cyberbullying is, and offered encouragement for the future ( It Gets Better ), and challenged everyone to do some simple things to advance everyone's rights now, which mostly boiled down to just be nice to people--which I think is a fantastic idea.

They did mention that they thought that Idaho was filled with some very nice people. I think they also said they lipsynched with a cow while they were here. These two ladies were really great, and I am very glad that our Gay-Straight Campus Alliance was able to bring them out. If you want to learn more about Everyone is Gay, or if you want to ask for advice anonymously, or if you are just interested in seeing some lip-synching and puppies, then check out their website, Everyone is Gay.

Claire is a freshman pre-engineering major from Sandy, Oregon.