Things in My Inbox Today:

Earlier this year, I posted about what emails are currently populating my inbox. It’s always a pretty solid indicator of what’s happening in my life, so I thought I’d reprise the post today.

*Payroll Deadlines*: If I had a work-study job, I’d be paying close attention to this one to make sure my hours were turned in on time. As it is, I only get paid from my freelance Coyote work, and Jason Hunt handles all the payroll stuff for the writers. So all I have to pay attention to is the fact that payday is April 30th.

Cook Local Challenge needs participants!: This email is an open call for teams from the Yotes community to compete next Thursday in a local cook-off, in our very own Simplot kitchen.

PHI202.3xxSP13 Grade book adjustment: Here’s a moodle update from my Bioethics prof about changing the way our grades our weighted. I haven’t checked how the new weights changed my grade, but I’m not too worried.

RE: Coyote Student Newspaper: After the last Coyote Saturday, when students come to register and take another look at campus, I got an email from one of the admissions counselors asking me to get in contact with an incoming freshman from Hawaii about writing for the Coyote. We’ve exchanged a few emails, and this last one says to not worry about being in touch until after the semester has cooled off.

RE: Jane Eyre Draft:  This email is from myself. I’m in the midst of writing an 18-page seminar paper for my class on the Bronte sisters, and I’m afraid of losing my work if by some freak accident my laptop is killed. So I email myself drafts pretty regularly.

Spotify: I just started my 30-day free trial of ad-free music, which I’ve timed to take me through finals week. This is just the reciept for my trial, which I've got to remember to cancel after 30 days.

Derby Days events: The Sigma Chis on campus are putting on their week-long philanthropic event, Derby Days. Derby Days entails multiple events, and a prolonged competition between sororities for a $200 prize to the charity of their choice. The competition’s most noticeable component is derby chasing, which is essentially a huge game of tag, with the derby-wearing brothers being “it.” Once a girl tags the derby, she gets points for her sorority. There are also penny wars going on throughout the week, and individual events for each day. Today’s extra event is “Sign-a-Sig,” which entails the brothers wearing white shirts and collecting signatures from sorority members. The most signatures wins the most points. Friday, one of the biggest events will be taking place at 9 p.m. It’s a combination of a date auction, where ten Sigma Chis are up for bids, and part lip synch competition between teams of sororities. I’ve been a bad sport and not chasing any derbies, but I’ve signed a few Sigma Chis today, and will be supporting the KKGs during lip synch from the audience on Friday.

RE: Blogger interview: The College is hiring new bloggers (and hopefully old bloggers too), and this email is setting up my interview time with Dustin Wunderlich, Director of Marketing and Communications and Rachel Blood, an admissions counselor.

End of the Term BBQ: The Heritage Scholars get together as a group about three times a year, and this email just came out announcing the time of our end of the year BBQ. It’s going to be during finals week, and at President Henberg’s house. I’ve already RSVP-ed.

Fwd: SRC meeting next week: I recently joined the Student Research Planning Committee, and had my second meeting this morning. I’ll write more on the SRC soon, but today we went over the schedule and looked at PR options. The conference is on 27th.

From Anderson,

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a sophomore Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.

I took this picture at about 7:30 last night, while I was walking back to the library after getting a Chai from McCain. The trees are all in bloom, and campus is beautiful.