Back and Blogging From Boise

Hey Yoties and Yotie families,

I’m back and blogging again. If you’re new to the Student Experience Blog, welcome. I hope you’ll enjoy getting glimpses of student life at C of I. My name is Megan Mizuta, and I’m headed into my junior year as a Literature in English major. From me this year you’re likely to hear about Greek life, Judicial Board, Student Ambassador Council, Heritage Scholars, Writer’s Co., and The Coyote, as those are all facets of C of I that I’m involved with. But I also attend my fair share of miscellaneous campus events, so expect some reporting back on those too. Oh, and I attend class in-between all of that, so I might share some tidbits from class as I pursue my Lit major, or my Business, Natural Sciences, and Political Economy minors.

But of course, it’s early July and I’m not on campus or in class. I’m living about 30 minutes southeast in Boise for the summer. I wish I could say that I’m spending my summer like Rahul is, or that I had an impressive internship somewhere, but alas, I’m mostly hanging out in Boise doing a lot of reading and learning to cook in preparation for apartment life in the Village.

It’s not too shabby a life though. I love Boise, and the city happens to be celebrating its sesquicentennial, aka it’s 150th anniversary. The sesquicentennial translates into there being a surplus of cool local events, like Sesqui-Speaks on various local topics at the Sesqui-Shop in downtown Boise. (The Sesqui-Shop is manned by a C of I grad, coincidentally).

The actual anniversary is today, July 7th, and later today I’m headed down to the big birthday bash in Julia Davis Park. C of I’s Professor Raptosh, Boise’s Poet Laureate, will be reading poetry today, as will Conor Harris, a senior, who is performing as part of the Boise Slam Team.  They’ll be alongside the Trey McIntyre Project, Ballet Idaho, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, local food trucks, Mayor Bieter, and assorted other local groups and individuals. It should be a good time, and it’s definitely a good day to be a proud Boisean.

From Boise,

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.

P.S. The picture above is a few weeks old, taken from the parking lot of a nearby Albertson's, where I have to go all the time for last-minute ingredients that I've inadvertently run out of.