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3 Things I'm Looking Forward To: Fall Term Edition

My junior year is looking a lot closer this side of July, and it's becoming increasingly obvious that summer vacation is now on a time limit. In some ways, this is similar to my days playing in chess tournaments as a middle schooler--a friend and I will be playing a nice, slow-paced game, thinking hard about our next moves, when suddenly a tall, graying man in a suit slaps a clock on your right side, reminding you that you don't have all day and that you better make the most of what you have left. And while I fully intend to do so in regards to my next few summer "moves," it's also the time to think about 10 moves ahead. While I'm going to happily finish out the remaining days of vacation, I'm also going to be thinking about some of the exciting things that await me when I step foot back on campus.

And so, here are 3 Things I'm Looking Forward To: Fall Term Edition! (You can expect similar posts for the winter and spring terms. Mark your calendars!)

1. My class schedule!

I don't care if this first one makes me sound like a nerd. If anything, you should have expected this after I opened up a blog post with a chess analogy.

Granted, there are plenty of reasons to dread the classes you'll be taking for the semester. I've lost count of how many friends of mine have complained about the rough schedule ahead of them for a term, from music majors overloading their credit hours due to conflicting classes to math and science majors looking down the upper division barrels of calculus, physics and chemistry all on the same day. But I haven't had a knockout schedule like that quite yet in my undergraduate career, and if anything, this semester is looking to be one of my simpler ones that I've taken to date.

I plan on taking 16 credits for the fall semester. Of those 16, only 6 of them apply directly to my major, and none of them count towards the minors I've been working towards. Thanks to a combination of concurrent credits from high school, clever scheduling, and a generous helping of luck, two of my minors are already complete (or mostly complete, when it comes to my History minor--all I need is a final research project that I'll be undertaking in the spring). As a result, I've been sitting on a lot of exploratory credits that I'm finally going to get the opportunity to use. Aside from the English classes I'm taking, I'm also taking introductory courses on world religions and anthropology, as much choir as I can handle, and (my personal favorite) six weeks of beginning tennis lessons. I am a HUGE fan of professional tennis, but haven't actually played much of it since I was a kid. Even if it's only for the first half of the term, I'm thrilled to be getting the chance to indulge in my favorite sport.

And I'm looking forward to my English classes, of course, including a literature seminar on early American literature (from discovery to post-Revolutionary writings) and a poetry writing workshop, taught by none other than Idaho's very own Writer in Residence, Diane Raptosh. Talk about learning from the best.

2. Dropping my summer weight!

I'll be the first to admit that I've been quite the couch potato this summer. Not only have I not been exercising on any sort of schedule, I've been eating way too much junk food since school let out in the spring. Not only have I still not shed my freshman fifteen, I've let it grow into a number that I'm pretty ashamed to have let it reach.

Well, I'm not letting it grow anymore. I'm recommitting myself to personal health during my time on campus this year, and I intend to shed this excess weight. It's time to put my foot down. No matter the temptations I'll face, I'm going to get back to a number close to my high school weight or die trying. Or, you know, maybe slightly injure myself trying. Whichever comes first.

I know, I know, there's no time like the present, but the athletic facilities at C of I give me way more opportunites for a good workout than what I have to work with in Meridian. Besides, the first six weeks of tennis are going to be the best kickstart I could have asked for to really get me back into a workout schedule that works for me. AND I'll be more likely to drag friends to workouts with me than I am right now, considering how many of them will be on campus with me. Come this time next year, I'll be at my goal weight. See if I won't.

3. Meeting a new generation of Yotes!

It feels strange to call incoming freshmen a "new generation," but with the football program on its way in and the new class being larger than ever, I'm feeling a bit like the old guard here. Two full years of experience with college life have given me new perspectives on new students. More and more I can relate to them, and more and more I feel like I can be a good resource for them.

I can't wait to get to know the class of 2017. At the very least, I'll get to know a handful of them as the Delts continue recruitment. Somewhere in those new students, there are Delts just waiting to be notified that they're one of us. They already are Delts--we just have to let them know.

-Clayton Gefre

Clayton is a junior creative writing major from Meridian, Idaho.