Goodbyes have started

Well, my first group of friends just left. My friend Dalio left last week for TCU, and my friend Madi leaves Wednesday for University of Idaho. It's weird saying goodbye to people, especially the ones that I know I may never see again. It's weird to think about, but I am getting so excited for the next chapter. I've been eating at my favorite restaurants, hanging out with friends and spending time with my family. It's almost getting a little too busy for me, but I'm definitely enjoying my remaining time at home.

I just recieved my first textbook. I can't believe a book is worth $250. I really hope I actually use it. It is for chemistry, so I assume that I will use it quite a bit. I'm really excited to take classes where I actually will learn worthwhile information and that don't have all the nonsense busy work.

I feel that I'm pretty prepared for the challenges that I will soon face. It’s a bit ominous knowing what I want to do with my life, but I know it will keep me on track and give me lots of motivation to do well too. One of the cool things about going to Summit High School in Bend is that I've taken quite a few medical-related classes, and a lot of my classmates' parents are in the health care field, so I’ve gotten the chance to talk to them about things they wish they had done in college to prepare for grad school.

It's time for a confession. I haven't swam for the past 3 weeks (Sorry, Christine!). I've been lifting and running, but no swimming. I just can't get the motivation to jump in by myself, since my club team is on break for the month of August. Swimming is hard to do by yourself because it's essentially the same thing everyday, and staring at a black line in cold water just doesn't sound very appealing at the moment. I guess I probably should get in soon though, considering practice starts in 3 weeks. Oops.

Anyway, this is going to be a fairly short post...not much has changed since my last update. More shopping, more packing and cleaning out my room. The only thing that has really changed is my emotions and how excited I am to start new. No predispositions, no hard feelings, no worries. I like the thought of that.

I leave one week from today to spend time alone with my family at our friend's lodge outside of Driggs, Idaho, before they drop me off on the 30th. The tears will come and they will pass as I leave, but for the next few days, it's my turn for goodbyes .

- Blake Kaufman

Blake is an incoming freshman from Bend, Oregon.