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I Mustache You to Get Started

Classes have officially started here at C of I, and with them new beginnings. Granted, I hadn't expected one of those new beginnings to involve hairifying amounts of mustache puns, but I'm sure I'll shaver the experience nonetheless.

The first week of school is always rife with social opportunities, and the annual Campus Ministries Block Party. The Block Party is Campus Ministries' way of welcoming new and returning students, and has been held the first weekend of school every year I've been around. They really make everyone feel at home again, with their shindig usually featuring a casual game of volleyball, other lawn games like cornhole and badminton, and a bonfire perfect for the cooking of hotdogs and smores. And then, when it gets darker out, they break out the glowsticks and start blasting common dance tunes like the Cha Cha Slide and Cotton Eye Joe. Anyone of any class can attend, so it's always a great way of not only meeting up with old friends, but also getting to know the new freshman class.

As usual, I ended up taking pictures at the event, but this year I was actually doing it in an official capacity. This year, the Block Party was mustache themed. Trust me, this is way more hilarious than it sounds. Mustaches were everywhere--they were drawn on balloons, they were drawn on pizza boxes, construction paper mustaches hung all over the place--there was even a giant mustache drawing that attendees were encouraged to sign. My role in all this mustache revelry was running a mustache photo booth, where people could pick out the craziest fake mustaches we had on hand and strike as fun or as serious a pose as they desired. The results, of course, were super silly--I had a great time playing the part of zany studio photographer, trying to get people excited about the embarrassing photos that would soon be all over the internet.

Seeing a bunch of my old friends that I haven't seen most of the summer, plus some new ones that I had made in the past 48 hours, was a treat in itself, but seeing them all with mustaches just made it even funnier.

Of course, Campus Ministries isn't the only group that's getting things kicked off with a flourish. Choir auditions were the first couple of days as well, held so early to make sure rehearsals can get started by the second week of the term. While I think my own auditions for Chamber Singers and Jazz Choir went pretty well (having done them for the third year in a row now), I met some rather nervous freshmen as I waited for my own audition times. I still can't get over how strange it is to be an upperclassman--my reassurances to the others that they would be fine and have great auditions reminded me that I had been in their shoes not very long ago, and yet all of a sudden I was the experienced one. Crazy.

Speaking of things getting started, reconstruction on the Delt Haus is ahead of schedule, and I'll (hopefully) be moving into it by next weekend. In the meantime, I've found decent bases on campus that I've been able to get things done in--the top floor of Terteling Library has basically been a nest of mine these first couple of days, especially as I've gotten to work on an already tall homework order. For only being a 100 level course, my anthropology class is pulling no punches right out of the gate.

I'd love to stay and chat, but I mustache. Until next time!

-Clayton Gefre

Clayton is a junior creative writing major from Meridian, Idaho.