The Fugitives Around Campus

Did you see a lot of black-clothed people – some with glow sticks, some without – running around campus on Saturday night? Do you, perhaps live in Anderson and had some of those same black-clothed people pound on your door? If so, you witnessed Fugitive, an awesome experience that the Campus Ministries puts on. Fugitive is a game where there are cops and fugitives, and the fugitives had to get from point A to point B without getting caught by the cops.

Last year I played, and it was quite the adventure. We had a group of at least 50 people playing, decked out in various types of what could be considered “criminal gear.” We left from the clock tower in the middle of campus and had to get all the way to the Y. It involved a lot of running, let me tell you. And sneaking through people’s yards. Because the distance was so big, the cops were in cars, and they would stop and people would get out and chase you if they saw you. So, naturally, if anyone saw car lights, we would duck and cover. I got caught pretty early on, but then I got to chase people, which was awesome.

Once everyone had made it (or failed to make it) to the Y, we went back the other way. This time got a little more exciting. I was in a big group, which made it really hard to not be noticed. We got split up when a lady yelled at us to stay out of her yard. Just as my friends Oscar and Hanna and I headed back the other direction, we saw car lights. Immediately, Hanna and I dropped to the ground; I rolled under a car. But a shout from Oscar brought us back up quickly: “Get up, get up! It’s the police!!” We walked along, trying to look casual. The policeman shined a floodlight on us, and yelled at us to stay in front of his car. Needless to say, I was pretty scared, but once we explained what was going on, he let us go, and told us to take everyone back because people thought they were being burgled. Some people were not so lucky: one track runner didn’t realize it was the police and tried to run; he was handcuffed before he was able to explain. Despite the crazy shenanigans with the police, it was incredibly fun, and a treasured C of I memory.

This year was a little mellower, and thankfully didn’t involve any encounters with the police. Instead of going through the neighborhood, we went across campus, which was safer, and (mercifully) shorter. This time the cops were on foot, and they got a head start instead of the fugitives. They wore glow stick bracelets so we could identify them, and carried flour bombs (essentially a sock filled with flour) to tag us with. It’s a lot harder to sneak across campus than through neighborhoods. There’s too much open space. My friends and I ended up taking the long way around, which was good until we realized the end point was guarded all around and there was no way to get in. My clothes were pretty floury after that. On the way back, we almost made it, but discovered there was someone right on the other side of the fence, and no way out. And…more floury clothes. I’m going to need to do laundry soon. But it was an awesome experience, so the next time, you should definitely join. What could go wrong? ;)

- Caitlin Fellows

Caitlin is a sophomore political economy major from Salt Lake City.