In Which I Procrastinate By Writing About Procrastination

I have so much to do this upcoming week. I keep asking myself how I could possibly have so much homework and the culprit is…procrastination.

I spent most of Friday night hanging out with my friends and eating pasta, and then one of my friends and I sat reading our respective books and freaking out about the plots together. It was Friday night. I had the whole weekend ahead of me for doing homework. After an exciting College of Idaho soccer game (one guy literally jumped over another who had fallen to the ground; it was epic), Saturday was devoted to fixing my computer, and boy was that a process.

On Thursday night, my computer told me its hard drive was failing. Naturally, I freaked out (I am entirely too dependent on my computer). I had many challenges in backing up my files, and then once that was done, I had no idea what to do. Luckily my friend’s dad is super awesome, and works with computers, so he helped me out with finding a hard drive and walking me through the actual process of replacing it. And then we had to wait long periods of time while my computer was backing up, and so I said to myself “This would be a perfect time to get some homework done.” Instead, I watched Sherlock Holmes (but come on, who doesn’t want to watch Sherlock Holmes??). After it was done, I could’ve done homework then, but I decided to watch another movie and read some more, thinking “I’ll have plenty of time to do it tomorrow.”

Procrastination is not a good thing. You should avoid it at all costs. It will mean frantic reading, less-than-good quality papers/assignments, and nights of too little sleep. I have been lucky in my life where I am really good at doing things quickly but still of good quality. So I procrastinate.

For one of my classes last year, every Friday we had a paper due before class. Class started at 3:20. I think there was one time that I did the paper the night before (and that was the one I got the worst grade on). Most of the rest of the time, I did the readings and wrote the paper in my 2 free hours before class. And I still got an A. I was lucky. YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS. I don’t listen to my own advice and have been doing almost the same thing for one of my classes this semester. And I have been getting 100% on almost all of them. It’s a vicious cycle. I procrastinate, I still do well, so I think I can procrastinate some more. I am procrastinating right now. As I write this blog post, I should be reading a book that I have to finish by tomorrow.            

So, dear readers, don’t be like me. Don’t procrastinate. It’s not worth it. You may get lucky, but I’m just waiting for the day when my procrastination gets me an F. And then maybe I’ll finally learn.

- Caitlin Fellows

Caitlin is a sophomore political economy major from Salt Lake City.