A lot on my plate

A month into school and I'm surviving. Well, honestly I am more than surviving, I'm loving it. I've made some great friends already and my classes are great.

I love the fact that there is no excuse for being unprepaired other than not managing your time. I also like how pretty much everything I have to do is in a 500-yard radius. It makes it seem like I can do a lot more in my day because I don't have to drive across town for every activity I do. I miss my family quite a bit, but I'm staying busy enough to keep from beeing homesick.

I've never felt so involved in something as I do going to this school. I'm joining the pre-med club, I'm involved in campus ministries, I'm swimming and let's not forget Yote Fam. I went to  the homecoming volleyball game Friday night, and I can't say I've ever gotten that into a game before. A bunch of us swimmers painted YOTES on our chest, and just got straight up rowdy.

The only bad thing that has happened to me so far is a pretty nasty sinus infection that I'm on the tail end of. I ended up missing a few classes because of it, but luckily the powerpoints that the lectures were based on are all online. I also had to miss a couple days of swimming, which has kind of put me behind where I would like to be. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick out the rest of it so I can get back to giving it all during practices. Being sick without my parents there for the first time was pretty hard, but I guess I can call this one of my first hurdles.

My roommate and I are getting along great. We have a lot of the same interests and we're essentially on the same schedule so that makes things pretty easy. I got him to come to campus ministries' Late Night with me and he really liked it, so he and I do essentially the same things together, which I think has made us pretty close.

We also went to homecoming with a group this past weekend, mainly as an excuse to dress up. We swim pretty much the same events and have really close times, so he's a good training partner to have. Being on a team has also made the transition into college pretty smooth. They're such a great group to have arround me, and we do a lot of things together. I know I always will have a table to sit at during lunch, and a group to study with, or a friend to talk to who I know I can trust.

We have our first meet this weekend, and I am beyond excited for it, other than the ten hour bus trip and then swimming, but oh well, just part of the grind. My parents are coming up to watch us swim so I'll get to see them which is pretty exciting. I'm glad I finally get to race some events in short course yards since I had a broken collar bone during the last season. Christine is an awesome coach and I'm excited to see how much farther I can go in the next four years. I haven't been this motivated in a while.

Well, I better get back to my Chem homework, as I'd rather not be up until midnight again. I'll be posting some pictures from the meet on Sunday so check that out. I'm thinking we'll do well, and I'm really excited to see what us freshmen can do.

- Blake Kaufman

Blake is a freshman biology major from Bend, Oregon.