Coyotes in the Outfield (and Other Such Adventures)

No accomplishment can compare to that of a Saturday well spent.

Saturdays, I put aside all books and assignments, forget to-do lists, and banish learning and all other scholarly activities. Those are all things to worry about some other time…like Sunday.  I had a fantastic Saturday, so, readers, join me as I take a walk down memory lane remembering all the wonderful times I had less than 48 hours ago. Ah, yes, the good ol’ days.

The title makes it sound like here at C of I, we like to take our ballgames to a whole new level by adding ferocious canines to the field. Hunger Games, indeed.

In actuality, that was the clever joke I made this Saturday as I sat leisurely on the porch of McCain watching the C of I softball team play an impressive doubleheader (in reference to the beloved baseball movie, Angels in the Outfield). Since apparently I was watching with uncultured hooligans, they did not share in my laughter. So, to use common sports phrasing, I was 0 for 1 at the top of the third. Getting out to watch one of the numerous teams C of I has is always a treat. As a person who gets winded and sore opening a bag of Doritos, athletes are particularly fascinating to me. They’re impressive. I watched these girls play almost 4 hours of straight softball and they still managed to look like supermodels. I thought that was only possible for Geena Davis and Madonna in A League of Their Own (another hilarious piece of a repartee I shared with my friends as we watched. Again, I was met with stony silence and mocking cricket noises. So I was 0 for 2).

After the game we decided to visit our favorite Mexican restaurant in all of Caldwell (and no, I’m not talking about Taco Bell). It’s the sister restaurant of a place we have back in my friends and I’s hometown so, craving nostalgia and spicy deliciousness, we stopped by. You’d be hard pressed to find a better chicken burrito than Fiesta’s. You can almost say it was a party (the joke here, guys, is that ‘fiesta’ is the name of the restaurant but also the Spanish word for party. If you aren’t laughing, that’s okay. Our waiter didn’t either when I said that to him. For those of you still counting, that was strike three for my joke telling).

On our way through campus after dinner, we passed the quad, which was in the process of getting a major redesign for Fall Fling. Oktoberfest was about to hit the campus hard, in a matter of hours. We did the only logical thing, which was to find the nearest storm cellar and brace for immediate impact. No, I’m kidding. Fall Fling was amazing for the brief period I was there to get some pretty sweet free stuff. Children cry and small animals flee when I try to dance, so I thought it best to just say no. Instead, we left in order to watch movies, eat ice cream, and conclude the night with Saturday Night Live (a regrettable decision on our part, as the host was Miley Cyrus. There are only so many jokes about twerking I can handle).

So, my Saturday was wonderful. But now it’s Sunday and I’m stuck in the library reading chapter after chapter of Shakespeare, writing an essay for film, and mapping out my next poem for my poetry workshop. If I don’t update the blog next week, it may mean I’m still here and probably need assistance. Send help, readers.

-Ashley A. Miller

Ashley is a sophomore Creative Writing major from Payette, Idaho.