C of I Am Special

Ever since I have been at the C of I, I have felt a sense of prestige, and I like figuring things out so I took some time to figure out what it is that makes the college so special.

One of the college colors is purple and I could end right there with this point but I will continue. Purple is known to be the color of royalty and it is associated mostly with wisdom and is scientifically the most powerful visible wavelength in the rainbow. I think this is mindblowing because it explains so much about the college. The C of I has outdone itself in all of Idaho and continues to go up in national rankings. I don't think anyone would win in an argument against the wisdom of C of I professors and how they pass that on to their students. Also, the C of I has shown its strength through its student-athletes and alumni who have achieved some great things. I am pretty sure it was no conicidence that the college color is also so majestic. 

I'll bring that closer to home. Just last week, the Program Council hosted the first bowling night, "First Impressions". What this means is the YoteFam was all dressed up in fancy attire to go bowling. I have never seen anything like it and I doubt other colleges would do that but we are different, special. It matters a lot to a society how an individual carries him or herself and with a theme like that, it illustrates more than simply showing that C of I students have nice clothing. I don't know if it's just me who recognized how everyone was friendly and making new friends. I certainly did. It's hard to be mean when you are dressed up and I think it was a good idea to have such a unique theme because everyone was feeling and looking great.

The Honor Code. At the C of I, every student is considered a responsible member of the YoteFam. This is why every freshman signs the Honor Code to show that they will act in a manner that is respectful not only to themselves, but the C of I community as a whole. This is just the general idea of what it represents and what it means to me. Now, I do not take this lightly because I believe that when one is welcomed into a community, the expectations of how they are supposed to behave are important and I also believe that the kinds of students the C of I recruits are those who the administration feels can comply with the Honor Code. That should explain that C of I students are expected and do behave in a manner of maturity and responsibility that helps build the college. 

I could say more but this subject is something that I want to learn more of by continuing to observe why our college is so special. I feel special to have enrolled at such an amazing college and am excited to figure out more special things about the C of I and the YoteFam. 


Keneuoe Mphutlane is a sophomore majoring in International Political Economy and is from Lesotho.