The Sound of Music

Music has always been a big part of my life. I’ve been singing practically since I could talk, and I play the piano as well. Music has always been an escape for me, a way to express my feelings, a stress reliever. So I am extremely happy that I get to be a part of the wonderful Chorale here at C of I.

Chorale is the biggest choir on campus, and it’s great because anyone can join. We have people that have never been in choir before, people who have been in choir for 10 years or more, and everything in between. Though it seems like such a random meshing of voices wouldn’t work so well, it is actually quite spectacular. Especially this year, Dr. Wells, our director, has commented on how well we meld and blend together to make a group sound.

Dr. Wells is another great part of choir. He really knows what he’s doing in terms of music, and he helps us be better singers. Not to mention he’s hilarious. When he’s not imparting us with his choir wisdom (such as “Date a soprano, marry an alto”) or coming up with choir gang signs and universal signs for making animals noises, he makes incredibly funny comments. On one of our songs last year, the basses didn’t sing for a large portion of the piece, and Dr. Wells told them, “You’re the eye candy for this piece, so just stand there and be beautiful.” Another time, when we were laughing at something else he said, he told us “Don’t laugh, choir isn’t fun.” There are many more, but if you want the full Dr. Wells experience, you’ll have to join choir!!

On Friday night, we had our first concert of the year. I was a teensy bit nervous, but not much, because I am totally used to this thing by now. One thing that Dr. Wells does that is really cool is that for each concert, our pieces have some sort of theme. At the concert on Friday, we sang 4 different love songs. All of them were quite pretty, but our choir had some debate over which one was best. There was a German song which pretty much everybody hated (because it’s German and German is hard) except for this one girl who adamantly liked it because she hated all the other songs. My favorite song was called "Break of Day," and it was based upon poetry by John Donne. But the poetry, though fantastic, was not the reason I liked it so much. The music and harmonies were incredible. The piece had a lot of overlapping parts – almost like a round, but not with the same words – for the verses, and then in the chorus we all came together in a still overlapping but more related harmony. At the end there was this part where we all sang the word “Love” and it was the most beautiful harmony blending together; it gave me chills.

If you missed the concert, never fear! The whole concert is recorded, and Dr. Wells chooses our best pieces to be put up on YouTube. The pieces from last Friday are not up yet, but there are some lovely pieces we did last year that are. Now I get to rest my voice for a week (like that’s going to happen – I sing all the time), and then after break we jump right into Christmas music! 

- Caitlin Fellows

Caitlin is a sophomore political economy major from Salt Lake City.