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Life in the Delt Haus

I just realized that I forgot to post an update about my living arrangements! To those that kept up with the blog over the summer, you'll know that the Delt Haus had a fight with a grease fire and lost around the beginning of August. The rennovation process kept me out of the room I claimed for over a month, which meant I was still living at my parents' place during the start of Fall Term. But, as predicted, the Haus is back on its feet, complete with a brand new, sparkling kitchen!

I've been officially living at the Delt Haus since around the end of September, when I finally had a door installed. I could have moved in considerably earlier than this, but then I would have had no privacy and no way of knowing my things would remain completely safe. I valued my privacy enough to keep up with the gas costs of making trips back and forth to Caldwell from Meridian. It's one of the smaller rooms in the Haus, but it's definitely just about right for the amount of stuff that I have. All I really needed was a bed frame, a desk, and a couple of nightstands, all of which just so happened to be sold at the Wal-Mart down the street from campus. After a couple of days worth of assembly (which my parents were awesome enough to help out with) and the movement of my wardrobe to my new home, I was pretty much all moved in. I'm still in the market for some wall decor, but I have all the essentials to eke out quite a comfortable existence.

Our remodel is pretty much complete, as you can see from this new, alive looking, completely unsinged kitchen (although admittedly, it's in less pristine condition now than when this photo was taken). I'm not much of a cook, but it's so much easier storing food in a large fridge than the mini-fridge I've been using since freshman year. Not to mention I don't have to worry about dorm bathrooms ever again--even though I'm still sharing a couple of bathrooms with 6 other guys, I can at least lock the door when I'm in the shower. 

Living with my brothers is a big difference from last year's living arrangement. Because we have way more communal space than my old suite in Anderson, I interact with my brothers pretty much everywhere I go in the Haus. There's usually at least one of us in our living room whenever I get back from classes, and we'll usually end up playing some Super Smash Bros. or just shoot the breeze before I get on with whatever I need to accomplish. I'm getting to know these guys so much better by living in such close quarters--like how one of us can bake chicken from scratch at 2 a.m. without breaking a sweat (and even whip up some BBQ sauce to go with it!), and how another of us can rock the bass guitar (lately, he's been on a Scott Pilgrim kick). And I'm sure everyone has gotten used to my singing in the shower by now.

It's not always perfect, though. Nothing is. Sometimes our internet can be on the slow side, which can be frustrating if you really need to research something or send important e-mails to professors. We didn't have heat for the first couple days after I moved in, which made doing anything in my room impossible unless I was wrapped up in a couple of huge blankets. Our plumbing has a tendency to not wor every now and then--the basement has flooded twice in the last month, and several more times in the years since I've been a member of the fraternity (the problem being our main plumbing line, which is surrounded by roots that have condensed our pipes, making it easier to clog up). And while living with my brothers is great, lots of us have the tendency to get louder than we should during later hours. I'm not entirely blameless on that last one, either--that 2 a.m. chicken cooking I mentioned earlier got one of the sleeping guys pretty rustled.

The Delt Haus may not be paradise all the time, but I'm very happy to be able to call it my home and my Shelter.

-Clayton Gefre

P.S. Halloween this year is going to be awesome! I'm going as Pac-Man this year. Expect photos from my various antics with my next blog post!

Clayton is a junior creative writing major from Meridian, Idaho.