Halloweek at the College

Halloween, one of my friends has aptly observed, is really more like “Halloweek,” because at the College, the festivities really do span a week. My Halloweek started out on Sunday with a Halloween theme chapter meeting with my sorority. My president wasn’t back from a trip to D.C. with our Model UN, so I presided over the meeting dressed as Frida Khalo, unibrow and all. Seeing my fellow KKGs in costume is an especially fun time because it’s a dress-up situation where everyone knows that a.) they’ll be inside and warm, and b.) that they’ll be among people who share their sense of humor. Some of the best costumes from Sunday include a nail polish bottle, a Sigma Chi (parodied as a huge prepster), Indiana Jones, a knight, and Charlie Brown’s blanket. 

Wednesday night, I attended a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the McCain theater.  I’d seen Rocky Horror before, but never with a group. It’s definitely a very strange show, but it gets better, if no less bizarre, because of the audience participation. This showing didn’t include a full out, acted Rocky Horror Picture Show accompaniment, but the audience was more than happy to yell out “Great Scott!” whenever the character name of “Dr. Everett Scott” was said in the movie.

Today, on actual Halloween, there are small signs of the holiday everywhere. The Caf has big candy bowls out, and vampire bite cupcakes, and the kids in stage makeup all seem to have kept their makeup on after class. There was a pirate and what I think was Pac-Man in my literature seminar this morning, and there are carved pumpkins in McCain.

The grand festivities are tonight, with Phreakin Frenzy and Halloween Bowling Night. Phreakin Frenzy is an event put on by the Student Union Building Committee, and will entail a costume contest, caramel apple bar, pumpkin carving, and a general good time in McCain tonight. Bowling Night will follow across the Boulevard at Caldwell Bowl, and will also have costume contests. After that, school sanctioned events will be over, but I’m sure the Halloween spirit will live on into the weekend one way or another.

From the Village,

Megan Mizuta

P.S. This photo is from Halloween chapter with my sorority. I’m with Marabie, who came as “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.