When October Goes

Last week when I was home for fall break has really made it feel like fall. Fall is an interesting season because everything is dying, but it’s beautiful. I love fall. All the beautiful colors of the leaves, the smell that invades everything, drinking hot tea and cocoa, and finally getting to wear boots and sweaters.


One of the things I love best about living in Utah is the mountains. They are so beautiful, in the fall and any other season. One day over break, my mom and I went up in the mountains and drove around to look at leaves. We stopped at a couple of places and walked around too. We found this interesting amphitheater in the woods that seemed like the perfect setting for a Shakespeare play (it even had a balcony!). Lacking in Shakespeare, I sang a song for my mom. In an amphitheater in the woods. On top of a mountain. Very loudly. It was awesome.


Being at home I got into the fall spirit by cooking and baking, which is something I sorely miss at college. Yeah, we have a kitchen in the dorm, but nothing can compare to cooking in your own kitchen (plus my dad owns every cooking utensil and cookbook known to man, so it makes things a lot easier). My family and I cooked some of my favorite foods – chicken tetrazzini, mashed potatoes, French toast, meat loaf. But what made it feel like fall the most was when I made an apple pie. It turned out perfectly, and tasted amazing. So it was a little sad to go back to the caf this week (even though our caf is wonderful).

Then, to send October out with a bang, I had an absolutely fabulous Halloween. The night prior, I spent two hours hanging out with my friends next door and doing fake tattoos. Aside from class, most of the actual day of Halloween was also spent putting fake tattoos all over myself. It was quite the process, and I ended up with 22 “tattoos” all over my arms and back and neck. So what was I so assiduously tattooing on myself you ask? Runes. Magic runes. Well, not really magic (as far as I can tell…). I went as a Shadowhunter which is this half-angel being that fights demons from the book/movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Once I had on my whole costume I felt pretty badass, and I couldn’t wait to fight some demons.


I went to Phreakin’ Phrenzie and Bowling Night with a group of my friends (from left: a sexy beast, Cleopatra, Tinkerbell, Da Kurlzz from Hollywood Undead and me). The best part of both of those events was just looking at people’s awesome costumes. There was a couple who were dressed as some video game characters I didn’t recognize but the costumes were amazing. Other noteworthy costumes: a Rubik’s cube, the Cheshire cat, Captain Jack Sparrow, Batman and Robin, a peacock, a recycling bin, and Nicki Minaj. Let me just say, C of I students get very creative with their costumes. Candy all around!

- Caitlin Fellows

Caitlin is a sophomore political economy major from Salt Lake City.