8 week slump

It's been 8 weeks of school here at C of I and I've had one of the best times of my life. I've made some great friends, had some crazy times and learned a lot. Halloween was awesome, bowling night was a ton of fun, and the Yote Fam cheer section at the NNU game was crazy to be a part of.

I love this school, and classes are going great. I have my tentative PEAK map all planned out, and I was so suprised how helpful the department heads were at helping me at planning out my majors and minors. I've decided to major in Biology and minor in Psychology, Philosophy, and Pre-med health proffessions. Dr. Koga was extremely helpful in making sure I got into the classes I need for my science-heavy schedule. To next year's freshmen, I would suggest to make sure your registration approval is not on hold with the business department at least two days in advance, Mine was placed on hold and I did not get it worked out until the day after registration opened, which caused quite a lot off headache on my end, and prevented me getting into the class I really wanted to, but in the end I got it all worked out.

I've obviously had a great time in college, but recently, I've hit a bit of a wall. I've found myself to be unmotivated to swim, work out, heck, getting off bed each morning is getting harder and harder. I haven't been sleeping well and I'm getting migraines about every other week. I decided I should give my mom a call and get some advice. She told me that it's totally normal and she went through the same thing her freshman year.

It's just such a big transition, going from having time by yourself to people constantly around you, and she told me just to go do something different, so I gave some family friends a call to see if I could just hang out. I went over to their house and watched some T.V. with them, then went and saw a movie at the mall, then went out and got some Thai food. Just getting away and being with someone who has been in my life for a long time was really nice. Also the change in food was really good. The Caf food is pretty good, but it gets boring after a while. It turns out a change of scene was all I really needed.

As far as the motivation to swim, I called my old coach. After having a good long talk with her, I realized that my lack of motivation was just a mixture of all the stresses of college crashing on me mixed with tew fear of possible disappointment and failure. She gave me a good motivational video to watch and that helped me find some inspiration to push through. I figured out that as long as I try my hardest, all things will work themselves out.

I am looking forward to the next five weeks and continuing to work towards my goals, and getting started on my path towards a career. I think as of right now, chemistry is my hardest class, mainly due to the fact that it is a very homework and test heavy class, along with the fact that we spend four plus hours in lecture a week. My next meet is in two weeks, and one of my bigger meets of the season is in four. I'm ready to get serious about training and getting a few more "A" standards.

- Blake Kaufman

Blake is a freshman biology major from Bend, Oregon.