Art in a Cave

Fall Fling was just a couple of months ago and I am pretty sure we still remember the outstanding performances by Andy O, Axiom and The Armada ID. Well, I spent some time in my freshman year with some of those guys and it is incredible what they have achieved. Let me tell you why;

I got invited to Kuna Cave for a music video shoot by Earthlings Entertainment (co-owned by C of I alum). I had no clue what to expect, as usual. The idea of going to a cave in itself sounded extremely exciting but when I saw the lighting, cameras and people in Superhero outfits, it felt like I was in a completely different world, maybe even a movie. The thought of creating such art from something as hollow and empty as a cave was incredibly impressive to me and to think that former C of I students were able to put something like that together is simply priceless.

First thing is always first: going down into the cave. I have been scared in my life before but when I saw that ladder, I started hyperventilating and almost asked to watch the whole shoot from the top, but then again that would have been silly. So I gathered all the strength I could, did away with the fear and went down into that cave like a boss. I was Superwoman for the shoot and also present were Wolverine, The Hulk, Thor and many others. The shoot involved hours of dancing, laughing, singing along to "Wolverine" the song and I have not had that much fun in a while. It was a pre-exam stress relief activity for me, and God knows I needed that.

I got the chance to ask Andrew Heikkila a few questions about their work and he explained the name choice, "We call ourselves Earthlings Entertainment because we want to highlight that every human being, regardless of religion, race, creed, etc., is a citizen of the planet Earth." Anyone who reads my blog posts can imagine my reaction to this, of course I think the name is the essence of perfection. A simple truth that these young, inspiring people are sharing through their art. He also explained the use of the cave by stating, "I don't know of any other local artists that have pulled off a production of that magnitude in the caves. We're all about breaking conventions and setting the bar as high as we can." Ladies and Gentlemen, a graduate from The College of Idaho.

As a current student at the C of I, I believe that what Andrew Heikkila and Miranda Palacio, together with their co-worker Axiom, are building is truly inspirational, not only for aspiring singers, dancers and people who wish to go into performing arts but to college students and young people in general. It takes a great deal of dedication and strength to accomplish what they have and to build on accomplishing more. I know for a fact that I am grateful to have met them and look forward to learning from them, and I believe it should be so for every other C of I student.

I am super excited to see the music video, and for more pictures and amazing videos from our alum, view their Facebook Page and Twitter Feed #goyotes

- Kenny

Keneuoe Mphutlane is a sophomore majoring in International Political Economy and is from Lesotho.