Reading, Reading, Reading

There is absolutely nothing like being home for the holidays. I had finished all my finals. I was exhausted and sick of studying. But when I caught sight of the beautiful snow-covered mountains of my home, I felt myself relax. I’ve spent the break hanging out with friends and family, having fun catching up. I’ve been cooking and baking all the delicious things I miss eating when I’m at school. I’ve been sleeping in until noon and staying in my pajamas all day. It’s great.

Another thing I’ve been doing a lot over this break is reading. I love to read – ask anyone I know. Ever since I first picked up a book when I was in preschool, I’ve been addicted. In elementary school I would get in trouble for reading books under my desk when the teacher was talking. I rarely travel without a book for emergency situations. And as I devour book after book this break, I keep thinking about how wonderful reading is.

Reading has so many benefits that are both immediate and postponed.  First, you get to enjoy a wonderful story that makes your imagination run wild. You can visit anywhere, and be anyone or anything you want to be. This is the magic of reading, and something that has never left me since I was a little kid. Getting so lost in a book that hours go by without you noticing (and suddenly it’s 3 a.m.) is one of my favorite feelings ever.

But books aren’t just for fun. As my dad keeps telling me, “You can do anything in life because you’re a reader.” Reading helps you learn how to think. By reading a lot, especially nonfiction but fiction as well, you develop critical thinking skills that are beneficial to any job you will ever have in your whole life. Plus, reading helps you understand more complicated ideas because you’ve been exposed to a wide variety.

So, everyone should read. Not just because it’s fun and awesome, but also because it will really help you in your future.

- Caitlin Fellows

Caitlin is a sophomore political economy major from Salt Lake City.