Snowballs and Ski Slopes

A lot has happened since my last blog post. First off, I took my finals and fall term has ended. Finals where as hard as I expected and I felt I had studied enough, and I was fortunate enough to not have to pull an all-nighter. When I got my grades last week, I found out I had done even better than what I had been hoping for.

My hardest "final" was not a test at all, but a 14-page thesis I had to write for my guns and violence First Year Seminar class. I would highly recommend that class to anyone who has any interest in gun control and violence issues, as well as an interest in sociology. My professor apparently enjoyed my paper, and I have been asked to continue my research.

Honestly, my favorite memory from this last 13 weeks at school has to be either my swim team retreat to some hot springs out in the middle of nowhere or the Finney Fun Run, which resulted in minor frostbite and an asthma attack, but it was totally worth it.

I have now been back home for two and a half weeks. My time at home has been amazing; sleeping in my own bed, eating whatever I want whenever I want, working out on my own time, and home cooked meals that have been missed immensely. I have been doing three things for the majority of my break. I am either doing absolutely nothing, hanging out with my friends, or skiing.

I have been a little upset because in the past 3 weeks, Bend has gotten approximately zero inches of snow, leading to days up at the mountain skiing on groomers and avoiding rocks and small trees poking out of the ground. It hasn't been bad weather, with an average temperature of 40 and blue skies. This has allowed for some gorgeous days mobbing around the mountain followed by nights spent with friends. Although I do miss C of I and all of my friends back there, I could use another week at home. 

For winter term, I decided to take Intro to Fly-tying and Ethics. I am hoping fly-tying will be fairly easy, as I have been making flies since I was 10. I am really excited for the ethics class, as I need it for my philosophy minor and I think it will be really interesting. I am also able to use swimming as a credit, so I will come out of winter term with 5 more credits.

I will keep my blog more updated from now on, and hopefully I will start doing more things around town, no more sitting in my room watching Netflix.

- Blake Kaufman

Blake is a freshman biology major from Bend, Oregon.