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My Friends Are Getting Married?!

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to watch one of my best friends marry the girl of his dreams. And I mean it seriously, too; he was dreaming of this day way before she even agreed to date him in the first place. I've known Jordan (the one in the dapper suit on the left) since the 4th grade, so I know a bit better than most that even when he was dating someone else through the majority of high school, Megan (the blushing bride on the right) was always the one he was most serious about wanting to settle down with. Everyone could see the connection between the two of them, even when they weren't actually together. Jordan was so determined to win her heart that it bordered on obsession at times--just mentioning her name at times was enough to drive him crazy. And now that it's official, I couldn't be prouder of both of them. I honestly can't think of two people who are more perfect for one another than Jordan and Megan.

The ceremony was on the small side, but it was really quite sweet and well done. It was actually the first non-Catholic wedding I've ever been to, so I was a bit shocked by the wedding's brevity, but I kind of liked it better that way; its shortness made the sweet moments stand out even more. Jordan tearing up as he saw Megan walk down the aisle in such a beautiful dress; another high school friend of ours presenting an arrangement of "Be Thou My Vision" written specifically in honor of the wedding; the minister playfully chiding the groom when he said "I do" a bit too early; the big kiss that left the whole crowd of friends and family in tears of happiness; it was all so sweet that I may very well develop diabetes soon.

The reception was great fun as well, partly because the hot chocolate bar they had was pretty much perfect, but mostly because I got to catch up with so many friends from high school who I haven't seen since around the time we graduated. I got a table with most of them, and it was excellent being able to catch up with one another over a gourmet meal and sparkling cider. It's funny how so many things have changed in our lives, and yet some things don't change at all. One friend is still pretty much the nicest person I've ever met, despite the fact that her hair is much longer and she's transferred schools and majors a bunch of times; another's hair is still just as long as it was in high school, but now his confidence is so much more pronounced; and still another has become a major health nut, but she's still very much the down to earth, level headed voice of reason. It felt like old times, especially once we all took to the dance floor as a unit and made total fools out of ourselves.

It's so strange to think that so much time has gone by since I graduated from high school that some of the people I was closest with are getting married and starting families. Jordan may be the closest of all my married friends, but he's not even close to being the first of our graduating class to get married. My junior prom date got married last year. A close friend from my high school choir days is married and pregnant. Even people who have graduated after me are married. It's surreal to think of Jordan, Megan, and all the others being married at 20, and here I am with marriage not even close to being on my radar.

I mean, I'm happy for all of them, but man, does it put things in perspective. Obviously, I can't see into the future, but when I saw Jordan up there at that altar, tears freely flowing in the face of a future wrapped in a white dress, a future he wanted from way back in our teens, I couldn't help but think of how I might be reacting if I were in such a position. I'm single right now, but what if I do meet The One soon? Will I be like Jordan five years from now, planning a future with a veiled, faceless woman approaching from the other end of the church? So many friends have already made that step--when will I?

You know, I seem to have been contemplating my future a lot so far this school year, but that's all so far away. Perhaps it's better if I think more simply, and let things happen as they happen. Right now, I'm simply packing on stuff up and preparing for my trip back to Caldwell for the start of Winter Term tomorrow. That's what I should be thinking about right now, not a future I'll never be able to accurately predict. Maybe leaving that to fate is the only thing I can do to really prepare.

-Clayton Gefre

Clayton is a junior creative writing major from Meridian, Idaho.