Nous Parlons Francais - Getting Ready for France

Il y a trois jours avant que nous partons pour Paris!! Wait, what? You don’t speak French? Sorry. Let me translate that. There are only three days until we leave for Paris!!

This week has been crazy busy trying to get ready. We’ve had class for 2 ½ hours every day, reviewing our travel plans, discussing France’s business and political economy, and learning French. We’ve all been getting to know each other a lot better, which has been great. Everyone (including the professors) is really excited.

As a kind of send-off party, as well as to learn about eating French food, Professor Angresano invited us over to his house to have a French meal. Half of us went on Friday, and the other half went on Saturday. Professor Angresano and his wife Elizabeth cooked us delicious French food – quiche Lorraine, chicken in a mushroom and white wine cream sauce, French cheese, and crêpes for dessert. Some of us even tried making our own crepes which was an exciting experience to say the least.

It’s been so fun to learn about the culture and history of France, and we all can’t wait to experience it ourselves. À bientôt!

Picture: At our dinner, we learned about how the French pair wine with different kinds of cheese.

- Caitlin Fellows

Caitlin is a sophomore political economy major from Salt Lake City.