Things In My Inbox: Belfast, Art, Invitations, and Assignments

I’m fresh out of a managerial accounting test, and have just installed myself in the library. As per usual, my email is open, and so it seems like a good day to bring back the “What’s in my inbox” post. I’ve gotten some good emails in the last few days, and they’re a nice snapshot of what’s going on in my life right now.

1. An email offering me a spot for fall semester at my first choice university in Belfast. Really, this is an expanded email chain, because I sent back my acceptance form this morning. So I’ll be in Belfast next fall, reading literature.

2.  A congratulatory email from my professor Sue Schaper, who wrote one of my letters of recommendation for my study abroad application.

3. A scan of logo ideas for my marketing group project. The girl who drew them, Kirby, is out of town for her national swim meet.

4. Another email from Sue, this time scheduling my interview for the Swisher Award. It looks like I’ll be hanging out with the English faculty at 8 a.m. on Monday morning.

5. An invitation from Executive Council to their new event, a student body panel. Apparently it’s like similar to an open senate session, where Executive Council and Senate are offering up their budgets to student proposals. 

6. Correspondence on the College’s permanent art collection. A few weeks ago, I went and asked our main art professor, Garth Claassen, if there were any opportunities to get involved with the Rosenthal Gallery or art handling in general, since I’ve been thinking about trying for a career in the museum world. So, I’m just starting to help catalog the College’s permanent art collection, which is surprisingly large and extremely scattered. The goal is to make a searchable database with all the information we have on each piece of art—like when the College acquired it, where it’s stored, what medium it is, etc.

7. A new assignment list for Coyote articles. Our next issue is the April Fool’s issue, so there will be a few parody articles to look forward to.

8. A scheduling question from Randall Post in the Marketing Department. I’m going to be part of the next batch of Coyote Portraits, which you can check out here.

9. Always a welcome email, there’s one from my Judicial Board advisor letting us know that there are no cases to hear this week.

10. As part of the Student Research Conference (SRC) Planning Committee, I made a Facebook page for the conference and the actual event, so there’s an email from Professor Devine, another committee member, asking when she can start inviting people to like the page.

There are many, many more emails populating my inbox, but those are the most recent ten.

The picture above is the McClay library at Queen’s University, which I already have designs upon.

From Terteling, 

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.