Just Another Day

I’m getting ready for a marathon day tomorrow. Here’s what my schedule should look like tomorrow:

8:30-9?—Meeting in Langroise with Professor Claassen, aka Garth, about the permanent art collection database.

9:30-10:30 or 11?—Special lecture on “Emily Dickinson and Science,” to be given as part of the Interdisciplinary Visions of Environment Lecture Series in Sterry.

11:30-noon —Hearing a judicial board case in our McCain J-board room.

1—2:30 Postcolonial Studies. We’ve been promised a quiz on the graphic novel/cartoon nonfiction book we’ve been reading, Palestine, and on the movie about two Palestinian suicide bombers we watched in preparation for class, Paradise Now.

2:40-4:10—Hemingway and Faulkner. Due to a cancelled class last week, we’ll be squeezing in six student presentations, and talking about one of my all-time favorite books, A Moveable Feast.

5-6—My fellow KKG Macey is generously taking me to Costco so that we can purchase all the food for the educational, recent alumnae event I’m in charge of later that night. This way my $150 budget will seem like $250.

6-7—Event prep and set-up.

7-9—The actual event. Part of my job as PR chairman for my sorority is to be in charge of alumnae relations. In an effort to build that relationship up, we’re hosting an inaugural event where we invite 3-4 alumnae who’ve graduated in the last 3-4 years to speak with active members about what they’ve done since leaving the College. Tomorrow, we’ll have speakers who attend graduate school at BSU and NNU, and some speakers who have full time real-person jobs. They all manage to cook and provide for themselves outside the confines of a dorm room, so I’m hopeful that they’ll have a lot to teach us.

 After that, I’m done for the day. I’ll probably kick back and read some of the short stories I checked out from the library yesterday.

Other than prepping for my marathon day tomorrow, I’m mostly taking it easy today. This afternoon I had my interview for the Swisher award. Even though I only met with 3 of the 5 English profs, it’s an interesting time to put any of them in a room together, much less to get into the mix myself. They asked five basic questions and some follow-ups. I won't say exactly what they are in case the English department recycles questions every year, but they mostly centered on what the value of studying literature is.

Now it’s almost 4 p.m. and alllllmost all of my work is done for the day. I’m planning to grab dinner in the Caf at 5, and then from 6-7 I have a meeting with all the KKG officers, followed by a movie night with the rest of the KKGs. After that, I’m going to make dessert crepes with my roommate, because she texted me earlier today and said, “I have strawberries! Lets make crepes!”

From Terteling,

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.

P.S. This photo is of the baby-sized daffodils I picked up at Albertsons that are now sitting on my desk. Behind it are my favorite painting, a photo by Rahul, and the really cool piece of art that my parents gave me for my birthday by Sue Latta, who incidentally had an exhibit at the Rosenthal Gallery last semester.