So Close

It’s Friday afternoon of midterms week, and I’m one blog post away from kicking back and relaxing. Ok, that’s not strictly true, I still have to pack my things, check out some books to take on the road with me, and unload the dishwasher, but for most intents and purposes, I’m about finished for the week.

This year my family and I will be heading down to Utah for most of break, hitting up Zion National Park and Salt Lake. I’ve never been to Zion, so I’m looking forward to taking in some new sights. I’m also hoping to get to check out the Salt Lake City Library, of which I’ve seen many pictures. And of course, I can’t go to a major city without stopping in at Ikea, where I’m hoping to pick up a replacement rug—a year and a half of college living has been unkind to my last Ikea rug.

Looking back, it’s been a pretty busy week. I did my Coyote Portrait interview, went out to dinner with my KKG family, spent some time tutoring and editing essays, went to a St. Patrick’s Day presentation on Ireland, did a little research, went to two guest lectures, listened to a German pianist perform in Jewett, and embarked on a new project involving the College archives. And classes, of course.

Right now, I’m bemoaning the drop in temperatures that’s happened—Sunday evening I was able to lounge in the Quad with temps in the 70’s, and now it’s about 46 degrees.  Because believe me, if it were warmer, even if it were just in the 60s, I’d be outside on a blanket soaking up the sun instead of sitting inside the library with my coat wrapped around my shoulders. But oh well, I think I’m headed for slightly warmer temperatures in Zion, maybe I’ll be able to convince my parents that we just need to picnic and lounge while we’re there instead of going hiking. 

From Tertelling,

Megan  Mizuta

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.

Photo: This drawing is by Marie Irvin, and pertains to my new archiving project, but more about that after break.