Time for another round of: What’s In My Inbox

1. “Marie Irvin as of 4/18” An email from myself. Whenever I have a long-term or large-scale project going, I’ll not only save documents to my computer, but will email myself copies too. This one happens to be on the Marie Irvin project I discussed here. This way, I figure that if I should ever drop my computer/leave it in the path of sprinkler/lose it, I won't lose my work.

2. “WHOA KIDS! Your voting link broke!” After almost a week of campaigning, which has left the campus completely saturated with flyers and posters, it’s election day. Voting actually opened up at midnight, but apparently the link that was sent out for voting corrupted, and stopped letting people cast their electronic ballots. So this is a new link from Alan, the College’s IT guru. In fact, I just used it to vote for president, VP, secretary, treasurer, Program Council, Outdoor Program, and Intramural Coordinators.

3. “FAMILY WEEKEND IS NEXT WEEK!” This message, delivered in the ever-detestable caps lock, is a reminder to have parents sign up for Family Weekend at the College. So far as I can tell, last year was the first time in recent memory that the College has held a family weekend. My parents came last year, but since it’s on the day of the SRC, I spent virtually no time with them while they were here. Family Weekend again lands on the SRC day, but also includes breakfast with the president and “Jasperdy!” (aka, quiz bowl) hosted by Professor Jasper LiCalzi.

4. “CORRECTION-MEET IN MCCAIN AT 5:15 PM—READ THIS” Again, the caps lock, but this email is about my sorority’s Scholarship Banquet, which is being held tonight. This year has been a rough one for carpooling, so this email contains a time correction and a desperate plea for more drivers to take us over to Johnny Carino’s in Meridian.

5. “Academic Support Center—Need help with essays?” Since it’s getting down to be that time of the year when all papers are due, this email is a reminder to the student body that the ASC is around to help.

6. “Weekend Planner: ‘A Lie of the Mind’ opens tonight!” The Weekend Planner is a bi-weekly email from the Communications and Marketing department, and is basically a schedule of upcoming events at the College. Headlining this particular email is the theater department’s opening of the spring play, “A Lie of the Mind.” I’m hoping to hit the play up this Saturday. 

7. “SRC meeting before the big day” The Student Research Conference is the Saturday after next, so the 26th of April. This email is coordinating one last meeting for the planning committee, before, as it says, “the big day.” So that’s where you’ll find me next Monday at 11:30.

8. “Faulkner Name/Sign/Signifier Draft”—Again, an email from myself to myself, containing some preliminary drafting/idea work on one of my seminar papers. I have a meeting scheduled (and another email to prove it) with Professor Knickerbocker, who teaches the Hemingway and Faulkner Seminar that this paper is for, to go over some ideas. Right now, I’m planning to write my final paper on Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury, As I Lay Dying, and Absalom, Absalom!. I want to discuss how Faulkner’s Southern characters act in opposition to the Southern convention that puts significance and importance on familial names. I’ll be basing my paper on the novels and on a few bits and pieces of lit theory that have to do with the idea that a word has no actual connection to the thing that it names. I.e., there’s nothing about a horse that means it has to be called a “horse,” and the use of the word “horse” to describe that four legged animal is completely arbitrary.

9. “2015 Winter and Spring Business Schedules?” I wrote last time that I was waiting to see if I’d be able to take the business course I need in Spring 2015, so that I would be able to stay in Northern Ireland through winter term. The verdict has come in the affirmative, so I’m planning to stay abroad until the end of January, finishing out the full semester at Queen’s.

10. “Walking Tour with Departmental Reviewer” This is from one of my favorite English profs, asking if I’ll do a walking tour with the external reviewer who will be taking a look at the English Department. External reviewers come in about once every ten years to evaluate departments at the College. This year the English Department is up, so the reviewer will be on campus to do some onsite research and get some student insight on their major department. 

11. “change of date for the release party” Every year, when the student literary magazine, Naked Street, is published, there’s a release party with hors d’oeuvres and readings. This email sets the date for the release party for the 29th, moved because of a time conflict from the 22nd.  

And that’s (some) of what’s in my inbox this week.

From Terteling,

Megan Mizuta

P.S. This photo is a collage of the view from my bedroom, one side from December and one from April.

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.