The next 32 hours and beyond

This time tomorrow, I’ll just have finished distributing name tags and pushpins to participants in the Student Research Conference, and will be getting ready to kick off the 9th annual SRC by introducing President Henberg. Then from noon on out, it’ll be all presentations, posters, and art exhibits.

The schedule tomorrow runs something like this: President Henberg’s welcome, oral presentations, the senior art exhibit, the performances, and then the poster session. Last year, I spent most of the day hanging out at a table in Langroise, in case there were questions or people needed directing. This year, I’m off the hook for Langroise sitting-duty, and am planning on taking in more of the presentations. 

I’m especially looking forward to the performance component of the SRC. Our research conference tends to get a little science heavy during the poster sessions and oral presentations, so the performance component is a nice interlude for the non-science people. This year, Rahul, who blogs once in a blue moon, is going to take and develop a photo onstage, and then there are three musical performances.

New to the SRC this year is an official inclusion of the senior art exhibit, which should also balance out some of the science. Plus, we’re providing extra snacks during the hour set aside for gallery viewing.

The opening reception for the senior art exhibit is actually tonight, so that’s where I’m headed at about 5 o’clock.  Following that reception, it’s Spring Formal, held in downtown Boise. Since I need to be up and at ‘em early tomorrow, I’ll probably only put in a cursory appearance, and might depart the actual event for a detour to calmer parts of downtown Boise.

In other news, next week is jam packed with meetings and events. Right now, I’ve got a tour with the English department reviewer, the Lit mag release party, the English Department luncheon, an awards banquet, the Heritage end of year party, an appointment with one of the ASC writing tutors (tutors get tutored too), and a group meeting to work on a marketing presentation.  

Plus classes. Plus papers to write. Plus accounting homework to do. If I make it through next week, I’ll celebrate by kicking back at Spring Fling, which is next Saturday.

But first things first: SRC.

From Sterry,

Megan Mizuta

Megan is a junior Literature in English major from Boise, Idaho.