Hello From the Far Side of August

Greetings, and welcome to my third and final year of blogging. This is normally the time I’d re-introduce myself and give you a rundown of my involvement with the College, but this year will be a little different. Namely because I won’t be going back to College of Idaho. 

For a semester, that is. 

Instead of heading back to class on the fourth, I’ll be spending flying off to spend the fall semester of my senior year in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  And there I’ll stay for five months, taking advantage of the Irish American Scholars program and studying English literature at Queen’s University.  

So all the usual things—Judicial Board, KKG, SRC Planning Committee, the Archives, the Coyote, logging Heritage hours—will be on hold. I’ll keep blogging from Belfast, but other than that, it’ll be Queen’s immersion.

This summer, I’ve been working on an Irish and Northern Irish reading list provided by a Brit Lit specialist. Some of the titles I’ve read include Reading in the Dark, The Country Girls Trilogy, Orange Rhymes with Everything, Eureka Street, and some odd smatterings of poetry. I’ve also been working on rain-proofing my wardrobe, and probably bought myself half as many clothing and travel items as books I’ve read.    

I had a fight with financial aid in June, booked my plane tickets in July, received my housing information in August, and will arrive in September. I’ll be staying in their version of the dorms, Elms Village. Queen’s is about 18 or 19 thousand students bigger than C of I, and the dorm complex I’m in has 1600 rooms alone.  My room is also just about a mile away from the English building where I’ll have class, and from the library. It’ll be a big change from living within a stone’s throw of my academic buildings. I guess my days of running back to my apartment for a snack while leaving my laptop and books on the library tables are over.

I’ll be off in just a little more than two weeks, touching down in Belfast after an 18 hour travel day.  I’ve signed up to be picked up from the airport by the Queen’s people, and will spend some time in international student orientation and welcome week before starting classes. In the meantime, I’m spending time with pets and parents, volunteering in the Archives, and making a weekly pilgrimage to the C of I library for some quiet workspace.

From Boise,

Megan Mizuta

Photo: My friend Dannen hosted me for a weekend in Stanley, Idaho. You might recognize the Sawtooths from this article.