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From One Nest to Another

Here we are again: next verse, same as the first, except that this verse feels more like a bridge leading to an epic guitar solo that dives into the chorus that everyone sings along with even if they can't decide on the right key. Tomorrow is move-in day for my final year at the College of Idaho, and it's finally time for this Retail Robin to pick up all his twigs and leaves and fly them over to Caldwell for one extremely final time.

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while, that Retail Robin title should ring a few bells. But if you're new to this blog (and if you are, you're awesome for reading and I love you already), allow me to introduce myself formally. My name is Clayton Gefre, I'm a senior, and I'm a Meridian, Idaho native majoring in Creative Writing. I'm a man of many hats and titles around campus, including Vice President of Delta Tau Delta (one of the three fraternities on campus - like our Facebook page!), Head Tutor at the Academic Support Center (the College's student ran, 100% free writing/tutoring center that covers most academic areas - I'm the handsome one with the green shirt and glasses), a member of every single choir the school has to offer (pending successful reauditioning for each of them, of course), staff writer for the Coyote (the student newspaper), and last but certainly not least, a Student Experience Blogger and erstwhile Student Aide with the Marketing and Communications Department.

And that Retail Robin thing? It's a nickname I've picked up based on this meme. I've spent the last six summers (!) working as a sales associate at Marshalls, where I worked year round through high school and on a seasonal basis since starting at C of I. I know my way around cash registers and shoe boxes like most people know the backs of their hands. The name has stuck with some of my friends and coworkers, and I can't help but embrace it.

I know, I know, that's a lot to take in, but all will become clear in good time, friends. If you're super anxious to learn more about my background, I have two other introduction posts from two years ago before my sophomore year, and last year, before my junior year. They're good reads, I swear! If you're the patient type, though, I post at least once every week here, and I'm sure I'll cover every single one of those topics above at some point or another during this school year.

Despite the fact that I'm pretty much all packed to go with all my new books, school supplies, and basic necessities of apartment living, it hasn't really suck in quite yet that starting tomorrow night, I'll be back in Caldwell for the start of a new term. This summer has legitimately flown by in a bit of a blur. Not only was I still working at Marshalls for about 30-40 hours every week, I was also interning with Marketing and Communications as a staff writer. Many of the news posts that were posted on the website this summer were stories that I helped to prepare - when I wasn't at Marshalls, chances were good that I was hard at work preparing a draft of the next big alumni story. I was even trusted enough to take an expensive camera out to Stanley, ID to do a multi-media profile on the C of I interns there, which was absolutely one of the highlights of my summer. I'm pretty proud of not only that story, but everything I worked on over the past three months, even all the hours I spent getting customers to save an extra 10% off their purchase by applying for TJX Rewards Credit Cards at my day job. Now it's the eve of move in day and suddenly I'm a senior.

It's funny the way life works out sometimes, isn't it? Three years ago, I was just a freshman anxiously going over his schedule. I hadn't considered Greek Life, I barely knew we had a writing center on campus, I had never been away from my parents for such an extended amount of time. And now here I am, a member of my fraternity's executive board, head tutor at that very writing center, and I'm barely blinking as I consider another few months away from my family's home in Meridian. I've become used to change, used to how often life zags when you expect it to zig, and this act of moving house, of taking all my worldly possessions in a couple of suitcases and boxes and settling into a different environment, has become normal. Perhaps now that I've become so used to these changes, it's given me better perspective to reflect on them?

Look out, readers. This year I'm probably going to be all wistful and nostalgic. It must come with the territory of being a senior.

In any event, stay tuned to the blog! I promise I'll give you a tour of my new place before classes start on the 4th! Ta-ta for now, Yotes!

-Clayton Gefre