International Ladies Day

So last week was International Women’s Day and it has got me feeling some sort of way about all of the ridiculously incredible ladies in my life. I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to send all the gals I know bouquets of fresh cut lilies and lavender, and hand made cards with glittery hearts on them. Unfortunately I’m poor and not that gifted with modge-podge so instead I’ll just stick to this, a lady-loving manifesto for all those females in my life who continue to inspire me.

            Here is truth I base my gospel on, when the going gets tough, arm yourself with your crew of amazing ladies and trust them to help you along.  

            I’ve been very lucky, and there are only a few times in my life where I felt truly unhappy or unsure about my place in the world, but during those times it was always women who picked me back up and set me to feeling right again. It has always been my ladies I turned to for guidance, for forgiveness, for the love I needed to be strong, and the current state of things is that my most meaningful relationships in my life are with my best friends.

            Girls are just awesome man.

            Last year, there was a period of time where I was feeling very sad and very much like if something didn’t change I was going to go crazy and rip all my clothes off and jump into the fountain outside of Langroise. Then, as if called by the great goddess mother in the sky, my girls appeared to me as if dropped by the same giant eagles who once delivered Frodo and Samwise Gamgee from the fires of Mount Doom. Suddenly and completely by chance, there were these crazy cool girls in my life who, in an act of complete selflessness, threw themselves into helping me feel better. And let me be clear, these girls and I were not that close when this happened. We were friendly, but it wasn’t like we were Lizzie and Miranda. For some reason though, that didn’t matter. They lent me strength when I needed it, let me crash on their floor when I couldn’t stand being alone, and plied my life with opportunities for fun the way only truly decent girlfriends do. I went from feeling helpless and hopeless to having the best time of my life so abruptly I got whiplash, and now I’m here almost a year later and Elisabeth Huart is still forcing me to go to the gym with her and Holly Moss teases my hair before we go out on the weekend. They didn’t just make me feel better; I think they made me a better person. They showed me what it meant to be a devoted friend, and I like to think that having received that sort of love from them has allowed me to love all of the women in my life that much more. When you feel supported, you can support others, and that’s why a crew of great girlfriends is so important.

            What I want to say most to anyone reading this is that I hope you have girlfriends like I do. I hope more than anything you aren’t spending all of your time at this school doing homework, and that you’re taking the time to make some crazy memories that can bolster you and make you stronger. I hope you’re reaching out to other girls constantly, and I hope you’re letting yourself be selfless with your love for your best friends. I also hope you let yourself forgive any of the little things that don’t matter much in the long run. Losing a best friend is five hundred times worse than losing a boyfriend, so be generous with your love when it comes to your girls. If you aren’t doing these things, then I hope you start, because it’s worth it.  

            College can be really hard, and COI is a demanding school, and I know very personally how overwhelming life can feel here sometimes. I also know that if I wasn’t getting the random cat picture sent to me by my sister during that class she knows I hate, or hearing Ana shout my name across campus because she’s happy to see me and wants me to know it, that I would be a lot more stressed and a lot less happy. Having a group of girls you know you can call when life is hard is all the security you need. Also, it just so happens that COI has the biggest percentage of badass ladies in the entire state of Idaho*, and you literally can’t throw a squirrel without hitting some awe-inspiring woman you should get to know immediately. I’m not even just talking fellow students either. Have you met Rochelle Johnson? That woman knows the secrets of life and nature and she isn’t stingy with the knowledge, she is perfectly willing to share. Or Dori Johnson, who can tell you about every inappropriate thing that has ever happened in history and who also owns a BUNNY and is also, did you know, one of the original members of CABARET? I anxiously look forward to the day I can friend Sue Schaper on Facebook (which will happen the second I get off the stage from receiving my diploma and am no longer technically her student). There are women all over this campus who are geniuses in their fields, who are doing everything in their power to give you some of the knowledge they’ve devoted their lives to mastering. It’s neat, honestly, having so many genius ladies as professors, and I feel lucky and privileged to know them.

 I feel lucky and privileged to have met all of the women on this campus.


So in conclusion, I just want to say thank you to all my girls for constantly inspiring me, I’m better because I have you in my life, and ya’ll are the best and I love you.




Call your mom.



*According to a statistic I just made up that is probably true