What's In My Inbox

Because it’s always a good reflection of what’s going on in my life, here’s a round of What’s In My Inbox:

“Lit Draft as of 4.16”: This week I started work on my senior literature paper. I’m in the habit of emailing myself copies of my draft so that A.) if I accidentally save over something good, I have a back up copy and B.) should anything happen to my laptop, I’ll still have something to work from. My thesis has stayed relatively on track since I started thinking about it in February, but has gotten more complex and hopefully more thoughtful. Right now the angle I’m taking is that due to the colonial situations of England and Ireland in the 19th century, these two similar books, Jane Eyre and The Real Charlotte, have different ends because their authors would have had different ideas about whether extreme differences between characters (in class, race, gender, etc) were insurmountable. 

“Simmons College has received your 2015-2016 FAFSA”: I was all set to hit the official accept button on at University of Michigan, but then Simmons College accepted me and gave me a lil’ bit of scholarship money. Now they have my FAFSA too.

“SLIS Questions”: Getting an offer from Simmons made me go out and ask for more information about their program. A lot of the questions I had were answered by my admissions counselor, but I also asked to be put in touch with a current student. This email is a reply to my questions from that current student, Mary from Nebraska.

“Financial Aid Award Notice”: This email is from Michigan, and it’s pretty bleak. Out of state tuition is about $40k a year, so this was a breakdown of what my federal loan possibilities are to finance tuition at Michigan. #debtfordays

“Literary Arts Administration Internship Application”: I didn’t think, (as I always think) that anyone would want to hire me for just the summer, so I’m interviewing on Monday to intern at The Cabin in Boise. The Cabin is a non-profit in Boise, and bills itself as “A Center for Readers & Writers.” They host a great author series during the fall/winter/spring, writing camps for kids, and drop in creative writing workshops. The position I applied for looks pretty low key and on the administrative end—I’d be the person to answer phones, help send mailings, and registering people for events, etc. I’ll leave the child wrangling to a certain other Student Experience Blogger. 

“Finance”: In my Finance class, we do a lot of work with spreadsheets in the computer lab in KAIC. Because I like to do all my homework on my laptop, I email myself the spreadsheets that we work on during class. 

“Lunch With Students”: From Matt, this year’s J-Board chair. He wanted to know if any of us were available to have lunch with prospective students on Saturday. I’m usually way into the meeting with prospective student racket, but my boyfriend is coming up this weekend to see a play at BCT, and so I’ll be spending time with a past yotie instead of a future one.

“Kissing in Heaven”: Speaking of Stephen, this is the title of an essay that I sent Stephen feedback on. He’s pretty much ghostwriting an essay to introduce a juried art show in Chicago.

 “SRC Meeting Before Conference”: The day approaches. April 25th is the SRC, and this’ll be my third year handing out nametags and running around as the student committee member. This meeting is to allocate out jobs, but seriously, I always run the nametag table. I also went in to Student Senate today to answer questions about a budget request that the SRC made to help pay for catering and programs. No one actually asked me anything, but I think they’ll give us the money anyways.

“Student Experience Blogs”: A friendly reminder from Jordan that I’ve been a-slacking on the blog writing, but framed in very positive terms. (Sorry, Jordan, I’ll do better).

 From Terteling,


The picture is just of some cool light, as seen from my balcony. I 100% burned all the bread I was broiling while taking this photo.