Chicken, Chaise, Etc.

Thursday night and I’m on the chaise. I’ve just helped Stefan pour Kikoman soy sauce into four, gallon-sized ziplocks of raw chicken. We have 20 pounds of chicken and 12 pounds of flank steak in our refrigerator right now, which is especially strange when you stop to consider that Stefan’s a vegetarian and I refuse to cook meat. The reason we have so much meat is that Stefan has been put in charge of the marinating in preparation for the History BBQ on Sunday because Mee-Ae Kim is too busy to do it.  The History BBQ a big old gathering of history profs and students, and mostly entails good food and good company, or so I’m told. Not being a history major myself, this’ll be my first time attending, as I’ve secured an invitation as Stefan’s +1. So on Sunday, Stefan and I are going out early to help set up at Bitner Vineyards, where the event is being held this year.

But this is after I drive myself back from a mostly impromptu visit to Salt Lake City so that I can go to a magazine release party on Saturday with Stephen. (Surprise Mom and Dad). Is this an irresponsibly timed trip? Yes. Do I have a very limited amount of time left to be irresponsible? Also yes. Did I do my work all beforehand so as to minimize time lost? Yes. Is this weekend also Spring Fling, and therefore, no work will be done anyways? Yes. Given all the yeses here, I’m driving off into the sunset right after class tomorrow (if only the sun set in the south).

Because I am going to trade a work weekend for a fun one, I did put in a lot of hours in the library this week. I essay at my very best in the library, and so I’ve been spending the evenings there, alternating between working on my senior thesis and my World Lit paper. Earlier this week, I fueled these work sessions with the copious amounts of candy I’d bought from the Den. But this got to be too much, and I’ve given up candy for a few days and am onto quinoa chips instead. I’ve also been carrying large stacks of books to and fro, which has to be good for me.

            Other things that happened this week:

  • Marketing dropped in unexpectedly to film a Boone Fund ad in my bedroom. Keep an eye out for the chaise’s acting debut.
  • Stefan borrowed my IKEA bags to ferry all his empty wine bottles over to the Usful Glassworks donation site set up in KAIC right now. The bags were so heavy that Stefan had some serious bruises on his shoulder.
  • I saw sagebrush galls in person, and have never been more grossed out by a plant, except for maybe fig trees. Galls are basically tumors that insects cause a plant to grow so that they can lay their eggs inside. #nasty
  • I got my tickets to this year’s awards banquet. I wasn’t expecting to need tickets, but there they were, sitting in my mailbox. I also stopped by to lend my signature to the certificate for this year’s female Abbot Award winner. I’m also attempting to sneakily compile a thorough resume for this year’s recipient, as I also do the actual presentation and want to cover all of her contributions to the campus.



From the Village,