Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+)

The CLA+ is an instrument that measures the PEAK skills we value and provides an estimate of the gains between entry and senior year. It attempts to serve as a proxy for the institutional impact on student growth. A score above 1.00 is particularly strong with seniors out performing other seniors from other schools with similar entering characteristics. At the College of Idaho, all four categories contributing to the overall Value Added Estimate reveal positive growth since 2008 with all categories reporting Near or Above the expected performance since 2010.

Value Added Estimate AY07-08 AY08-09  AY10-11  AY11-12 AY12-13 
Total CLA Score  0.50 (71) Above  -0.20 (46) At  -0.22 (40) Near

1.26 (90) Above 

 1.04 (90) Above
Performance Task Not Taken  -0.20 (47) At  0.20 (56) Near  1.48 (93) Above  0.71 (81) Near
Analytic Writing Task Not Taken   -0.20 (45) At  -0.68 (23) Near  0.81 (82) Near  1.26 (90) Above
Make-an-argument Not Taken   -0.40 (34) At  -0.50 (28) Near  1.15 (86) Above  1.47 (94) Above
Critique-an-argument Not Taken   0.20 (56) At  -0.68 (23) Near  0.42 (67) Near  0.91 (83) Near

Scores: Z- score (percentile rank) Z-score rating of below, near, at, or above

These scores indicate is The College of Idaho students are performing better than or consistent with their expected performance. Positive results point to a potential institutional effect worth exploring.

Please consult with Mark Heidrich ([email protected]) for more information on the CLA results. The College of Idaho is currently conducting a test of its first-year and senior students the 2015-2016 academic year.