Senior Thesis (What!?) and Opera Singing

Well, this semester certainly threw me back into the swing of things quickly. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since it is the spring semester of my senior year, but still. The first week of class, my professors kept saying, “Since you’re not that busy yet…” and I would internally hyperventilate because I was just as busy as I had been in the middle of last semester.

First things first, my senior seminar class. When I walked into class on the first day, and saw all the other IPE majors, people I’d been taking classes with since we were freshmen, it really hit me. I’m graduating this spring. I still try not to think about it too much, but it’s getting harder and harder. Our professor announced that we had to come up with two possible topics and present them to him the next Tuesday. No big deal. Just coming up with an idea for basically the only college paper that matters, and making it cohesive and smart and interesting, in four days. Piece of cake. (I was convinced that I was going to die). But I have a topic (mostly) and I’ve started doing (some) research. So maybe I won’t die (maybe).

The opera was another thing taking up most of my time. The first day back from break, we were starting run-throughs. And measuring costumes. And figuring out all our staging. And then going over everything a million and four times. By last week, we had all our costumes, and that (of course) added on another layer of complexity to everything, what with having to change costumes in 0.5 seconds between scenes. But everything has come together really well, and I am so excited to actually perform it!

My other classes are pretty tame (thank goodness), and though I already have some great quotes from my professors, we’ll save those for next time. 

Photo: The evil witches of the opera!

Caitlin Fellows is a senior international political economy major from Salt Lake City, Utah.